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Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight: Rumors Suggest Non-Traditional Costume Design, New Characters

Moon Knight, Disney+ Logo
By David Thompson

When the MCU's Phase 4 begins on January 15, 2021 with WandaVision, fans will get their first look into the future of Marvel superheroes: Disney+. In 2019, Disney announced eight upcoming MCU shows streaming exclusively on Disney+. One of the lesser-known characters announced was Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac has been reportedly cast to play the Egyptian crime fighter , and now even more details about this upcoming show are being revealed.


A recent report by The Illuminerdi claims that Moon Knight will begin filming in London in March of 2021.

The report also reveals two new character descriptions: " One is for a female lead in her 30’s described as Egyptian and strong (no BS), and the other is for a British male lead in his 50’s-early 60’s in a strong supporting role, potentially open to Europeans."

The final piece of news from this report is that Marc Spector will be donning a "silver cloak" instead of his traditional look from the comics.


We already know Disney+'s Ms. Marvel has begun filming , so it is no surprise that Moon Knight would be beginning soon after.

The female character description could be a potential love interest from the comics in Marlene Alruane, but that remains unclear. The male character description is even vaguer, but there's a possibility it's Jean-Paul "Frenchie" Duchamp, who serves as a pilot and colleague to Marc Spector in the comics.

A "silver cloak" indicates that our first look at a live-action Moon Knight could have a more grounded and gritty appearance than in the comics.

One can expect to begin hearing even more casting and plot details regarding the Marc Spector-led show as the series ramps up pre-production for its Disney+ release in 2022.