Nicole Kidman Face Plastic Surgery Allegations Following 'A Family Affair' Release

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Nicole Kidman before and after alleged plastic surgery

Netflix's A Family Affair star Nicole Kidman has long faced allegations of undergoing plastic surgery.

57-year-old Kidman has had a long and stellar acting career since her breakout role in 1989's Dead Calm. The actress has received five Oscar nominations over the years, including one win for the 2003 psychological drama The Hours.

Nicole Kidman Responds to Plastic Surgery Allegations

Nicole Kidman in A Family Affair (2024)
A Family Affair (2024)

During a 2007 interview with Marie Claire, after rumors of cosmetic enhancement began, Kidman stated she was "completely natural" and simply looked after her appearance, skin, and overall health:

"To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that."

While the actress gave Marie Claire a simple, "No" to having used Botox, Kidman later admitted to a German publication in 2011 (via TV Guide) that she tried it in the past but "didn't like how [her] face looked afterward" and stopped:

"I didn’t like how my face looked afterward. Now I don’t use it anymore — I can move my forehead again!"

Fast forward to 2013, the actress told Italian newspaper La Repubblica (via The Standard) how there has been "no surgery for [her]:"

"No surgery for me; I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again."

Has Nicole Kidman Had Plastic Surgery?

Nicole Kidman has never publically admitted to undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement beyond her experimentation with Botox.

That said, many Hollywood enthusiasts and even cosmetic surgery professionals remain convinced the actress has gone under the knife over the years.

The New York Post interviewed licensed plastic surgeons in May 2022 after a photo of Kidman from the set of Amazon Prime Video's Expats reinvigorated past speculation she had undergone surgical and non-surgical enhancements.

The outlet spoke to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta, who has not treated Kidman but was confident she had received surgical procedures recently. Liotta noted that the 2022 pictures of the actress left "little doubt" that she had "facelift and neck lift surgery.”

She noted the "deeper facial structures have been pulled and lifted up" while her "jawline... and neck look tighter" than would be possible without surgery:

"You can tell by the direction that the deeper facial structures have been pulled and lifted up — most evident at the tail of the brow and the corner of the mouth. The jawline — no jowls! — and neck look tighter- and much more youthful than is possible without surgery or some serious Facetune."

Liotta added that some areas of her face "look flat" in a way that is "classic in early facelift healing, a year and less." This may imply Kidman underwent surgery not long before the 2022 photos of her circulated.

Award-winning New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer also remarked how the "youthful glow and smooth skin" of Kidman may be the result of "filters, Botox, or dermal such as Juvéderm:"

"In the picture, Nicole has a youthful glow and smooth skin. This could be filters, Botox or dermal fillers such as Juvéderm to help smooth wrinkles and replace lost volume in her cheeks. She certainly has access to the best skin care and aestheticians."

Dr. Norman Rowe of Rowe Plastic Surgery offered a similar sentiment in suggesting Kidman "has had a facelift in the past," but was clear it is "hard to say" whether the work was recent. 

He added that her recent appearance is the result of "continuously maintaining her already previous procedures" as regular renewal can lead one's appearance to "alter slightly over time:"

"If it was a year or more ago, she may have a more recent change in her appearance getting laser, Botox, and filler treatments to the face, as even a facelift needs to be maintained. Her changed appearance in her Instagram photo is due to her continuously maintaining her already previous procedures. As one continues to get laser, Botox, or filler in conjunction with a facelift, the appearance can tend to alter slightly over time."

As of writing, there is no confirmation Kidman has ever gotten cosmetic enhancement beyond her confessed use of Botox over a decade ago. However, as discussed above, many certified professionals have pointed out clear signs of alterations.

A Family Affair is streaming now on Netflix.

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