New Wonder Woman 1984 Promo Art Brings a Vintage Look

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Wonder Woman 1984 new promo art showcases vibrant feel

The DC Extended Universe has shape-shifted dozens of times over the past five years. While Warner Bros. has failed to get men of steel and caped crusaders properly franchised in their cinematic universe, a lone constant has emerged: Wonder Woman.

Despite backlash when she was cast , Gal Gadot has wowed fans with her portrayal of Diana Prince. Almost every DCEU film has been met with criticism; however, 2017's Wonder Woman seems to be the lone flick that is universally-praised.


New promo art for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 has surfaced. Coming from @TaurooAldebaran on Twitter , the new art gives a retro feel, matching the 1980s setting appropriately. Upon first glance, it appears that these images were taken straight from the comic page, but with a closer look it is clear that the Diana Prince pictured is Gal Gadot's iteration.


While this promo art does not reveal any plot details, it is refreshing to see Warner Bros emphasizing the vintage feel WW84 . Past trailers for the Amazon's sequel have been peppered with vibrant colors and funky scores, and this art further affirms the lively vibe the flick is going for.

In its earlier days, the DCEU was criticized for being "too dark," both figuratively with their story themes and literally with their gloomy color pallet. Recent installments such as Aquaman and Birds of Prey have made the extra effort to spice up the silver screen, trading in the overcast shades for spirited neons.

While colors won't drastically change how a movie is received, they do wonders (no pun intended) in setting a fun tone for fans. Wonder Woman's first outing in 2017 showcased the hero in the bleak battlefields of World War I , and while her golden lasso shined bright by contrast, the overall picture was fairly dark. Bringing the sequel to the 1980s warrants a shade upgrade, and director Patty Jenkins seems to be doing just that.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to hit theaters later this summer on August 14, 2020.

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