Netflix's The Sandman Trailer Reveals Creepy First Footage

Sandman Netflix
By Richard Nebens Posted:

While DC projects like those from Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe are certainly on the up-and-up, other studios are also taking their turn with the comic giant’s classic characters as well. One of these comes in the form of The Sandman from writer Neil Gaiman, which is being adapted into a series exclusively for Netflix.

Bringing in actors familiar with comic book outings like Patton Oswalt from MODOK and Agents of SHIELD, along with David Thewlis of Wonder Woman and Harry Potter, this show is pulling out all the stops to become something special in the genre’s landscape. This is on top of putting one of the darker stories in recent memory to screen, telling an adventure centered on physical representations of Death and Despair.

Filming for the series has gone through its twists and turns over the past couple of years, although the series is expected to hit Netflix sometime in 2022. The excitement for that release just got a huge boost as well thanks to the long-awaited first trailer that was just released to the public.

Enter Sandman On Netflix!

During the TUDUM virtual event from Netflix, the streaming giant released the debut trailer for Neil Gaiman's The Sandman starring Tom Sturridge, Kirby Howell-Baptist, and more.

The 73-second trailer for the DC Comics-inspired series can be seen below:

The event also delivered multiple new posters centered on characters from the show, including Tom Sturridge's Dream. The hero was shown coming to life at the end of the trailer as well:   

Sandman Dream Poster

Mason Alexander Park also got their own poster, featuring the central character Desire.

Sandman Desire Poster

Death was also featured in a third poster played by Kirby-Howell Baptiste, who is sporting a black leather jacket to complete her look.

Sandman Death Poster


A Mysterious and Creepy DC Story

The Sandman is one of the most revered graphic novels to come out of DC Comics lore. While this trailer didn't reveal a ton of information on specific story beats, fans are already building up hype for a classically dark and gritty outing coming in 11 episodes of madness.

Summoning Sturridge's Lord of Dreams in the final seconds in a setting that shows the Gothic side of this series, the trailer teased the idea of summoning Death and putting the incarnation in captivity through dark magic. With all the classic traits included in on-screen magic, such as a drop of blood and other offerings, Netflix and Gaiman look to be taking the most iconic traits of his work from the pages to the small screen.

With at least three more months until the show arrives on Netflix, if not longer, there is still a wealth of footage and story that's being kept expectedly under wraps until the appropriate time. However, considering the excitement coming from DC fans over this story coming to life, this trailer did its job in keeping that hype going strong.

The Sandman will debut on Netflix sometime in 2022.