Ms. Marvel Disney+: New Set Photos Tease MCU Filming In Thailand

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Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

 Marvel Studios is currently readying their next surefire hit MCU series for Disney+. Ms. Marvel , which stars newcomer Iman Vellani as the Carol Danvers fangirl and embiggening superhero and is set to drop on the streaming platform in late 2021.

The series follows teenager Kamala Khan in what is meant to be a super-powered coming-of-age story. Kamala, in the comics (and most likely in the MCU) is an Inhuman, an individual with special genetic potential that is unlocked when exposed to mist made from Terrigen crystals. The abilities and transformations that occur when a character is exposed to Terrigen vary wildly . In Kamala's case, she gains the ability to stretch, shrink, grow and morph her body in almost any way imaginable.

Recently, the series moved its production to Thailand . "Why?" is a fair question, considering Kamala Khan is known for living and operating out of Jersey City, NJ. The prevailing theory is that Bangkok, Thailand is meant to stand in for Badin, Pakistan which is the home of young Ms. Khan's extended family.



Via @MsMarvelNews on Twitter, cinematographer Jules O'Loughlin took to Instagram recently to share a batch of pics showing off the production of Ms. Marvel in Bangkok, Thailand. Check them out below:

First up, there's a clapperboard featuring the show's working title, “Jersey.”

O'Loughlin caption on this post was "waiting out a tropical storm #msmarvel"

This one shows a camera operator shooting a scene. The caption reads, "Operating Thai style with killer camera [operator] Richie Moore"

Another camera operator on Ms. Marvel points to something off-screen.

One fancy looking camera:

Here's a photo of the cam operator and the assistant camera operator as well:



While it's still not one-hundred percent known why filming of Ms. Marvel shifted to Bangkok, this is still an intriguing look at how the series is being shot from a technical perspective.

The above photos don't offer any details regarding the series' plot, nor do they feature any of the series stars, but it takes a village to produce a show on the scale of what Marvel Studios has been accomplishing, so it's important not to discount the hard work of those behind the camera as well as in front of it.

As mentioned above, Ms. Marvel is slated to hit Disney+ in late 2021.

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