Marvel Pays Tribute to Late Moon Knight Actor Gaspard Ulliel in New Episode

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Moon Knight actor Ulliel

Fans have now gotten to experience the third installment of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, and it was a doozy. This time around, the focus was more squarely on Marc Spector as he and Layla went to get information from a shady source. Of course, everything eventually devolved into a big brawl with Moon Knight obliterating the competition.

On their trip, they came across a rich antique collector named Anton Mogart, who happened to hold the clue to solving the Ammit problem. Played by Gaspard Ulliel, the character had an immediate screen presence the moment he came on screen.

Fans were heartbroken when the news of the famous Moon Knight actor dies from a traffic accident in July 2021. Sadly, Gaspard Ulliel passed away earlier this year in a tragic skiing accident. In remembrance of the late actor, Marvel included a tribute to him at the end of the Moon Knight's 3rd episode.

In Tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Gaspard Ulliel as Anton

At the conclusion of the third episode of Moon Knight, which has been Gaspard Ulliel's only appearance in the series thus far, Marvel Studios included a touching brief "In Memory of" tribute to the late actor.

Gaspard Ulliel Tribute

Ulliel passed away on January 19, 2022 at the age of 37 years old after suffering serious brain trauma from a skiing accident in Savoie, France.

Layla actress May Calamawy spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Ulliel's passing, remembering how "friendly and warm" the late actor was during filming:

"It's still such a shock. It's the true definition of a tragedy when I think of Gaspard. He was so friendly and warm. We had a week together where we filmed this one scene, and he had a really quiet demeanor to him. But when you'd talk to him, he was really funny, and he was really committed to every moment that he was in. It was fun to work off of him because he gave so much. He spoke about his family a lot, especially his son. So my love goes out to them."

Ulliel's Mark on the World

Gaspard Ulliel is known by many in the United States for his role as the titular character in 2007's Hannibal Rising. That's far from his only credit in the film world, as the actor had worked on countless French films and shorts, including To the Ends of the WorldA Greek Type of Problem, and A Heavenly Vintage.

Ulliel seemingly has at least one more posthumous project set to release with Emily Atef's Plus que Jamais, a French film currently in post-production. The film follows Ulliel's Matthieu and Vicky Krieps's Hélène as the couple faces an existential crisis, and go on a journey to re-discover the depth of their love.

The late actor was also originally set to star in the miniseries Tikkoun, but was unable to complete filming for the show prior to his death. His friend and fellow actor Niels Schneider has replaced Ulliel, a positive sign that Ulliel's legacy will be honored.

Audiences around the world have enjoyed his work for quite some time, and his appearance in Moon Knight as Anton will be undoubtedly added to that list for those watching. With the actor's MCU debut appearance now out in the open, hopefully this will shed a spotlight on Ulliel's past work as well and allow even more audiences to discover his talent.

Moon Knight is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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