MCU: Travis Scott Wants to Collab on This 1 Marvel Phase 5 Movie

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Travis Scott revealed the MCU Phase 5 movie he wants to collaborate with Marvel Studios on the soundtrack for.

"SICKO MODE" artist Scott is currently the 12th most-streamed artist on Spotify with 68.5 million streams monthly. 

The hip-hop artist is best known for his work on albums ASTROWORLD, UTOPIA, and more. Scott has also collaborated on Hollywood soundtracks for Black Panther, Tenet, and Game of Thrones.

Travis Scott Wants to Work on the MCU's Blade Reboot

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), rap sensation Travis Scott revealed his hopes to collaborate with Marvel Studios on an upcoming movie soundtrack.

Scott teased how he "would love to do" the soundtrack for Blade - which will star Mahershala Ali and is set to hit theaters in February 2025:

"Woke up thinking I would love to do the soundtrack to 'Blade'"

The hip-hop artist has actually collaborated with Marvel Studios before on the album for Black Panther as he featured on the track "Big Shot" alongside the soundtrack's curator, Kendrick Lamar.

Out of the MCU's movies, the Black Panther franchise is by far the most famous for having a soundtrack filled with hit artists - including Scott, Lamar, Rihanna, Khalid, Future, The Weeknd, SZA, and more.

Blade currently has a release date set for February 14, 2025, although the Yann Demange-directed blockbuster has already been delayed multiple times. Prior to the Hollywood strikes, the movie replaced its writer and put a halt to pre-production, leading to the latest shift in release date.

Will Travis Scott's Blade Hopes Become Reality?

Travis Scott became involved in significant controversy in 2021 after his Astroworld music festival, which took place in Texas, resulted in hundreds of injuries and several deaths. A lawsuit filed against the artist - via People - alleged Scott offered “express encouragement of violence,” leading to the tragedy.

But that controversy shouldn't be enough to deter Scott's chances of reuniting with Marvel Studios for another movie soundtrack. Having previously worked with Lamar on a track for Black Panther, the artist already has some connection to the studio and hopefully the music industry clout to make this dream a reality.

If Scott were to land an MCU Phase 5 collaboration for Blade, the artist would likely find himself, similarly to Lamar, assembling a stacked team of singers, rappers, and producers to bring an album to life in time for 2025.

Having just released his new album UTOPIA four years after his last project debuted, Scott certainly ought to have more time on his hands to tackle a venture such as the soundtrack for the MCU's Blade reboot.

It should be noted that Marvel Studios certainly doesn't hand out these massive star-studded original soundtracks liberally, with the Black Panther franchise currently receiving only ones to date. But with Blade being another major movie with a Black lead, it may stand a chance at receiving the same treatment.

But alas, for now, Scott's hopes of working on the Blade soundtrack remain just that, hopes. Only time will tell whether anything will come of this, but, either way, fans shouldn't expect any news on the matter for some time.

Blade hits theaters on February 14, 2025

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