MCU: The Watcher Just Made His Unexpected Marvel Return (Photo)

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The MCU's latest trailer unveiled a surprise return for Jeffrey Wright's Watcher, which will come to Disney+ unexpectedly soon.

The Watcher first took the spotlight in the MCU during Season 1 of 2021's What If...?, with the character serving as the narrator and guide for all nine alternate timeline episodes across the Multiverse.

And while he's already set to progress heavily as a character in future seasons of the MCU's first animated outing, the Watcher is far from limited in where he can go across the Marvel Studios timeline.

The Watcher's Unexpected Comeback on Disney+

The first official trailer for Season 2 of I Am Groot debuted online, bringing with it an unexpected return for Jeffrey Wright's the Watcher.

In the trailer, Baby Groot took control of the Guardians' Benetar ship, blasting forward at full speed as he donned a tiny pair of goggles on his wooden head.

I Am Groot

In the next shot, he flew past the Watcher, who looks ahead at the ship as it blasted its way through the cosmos.

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This marks the Watcher's first full appearance in the MCU since his debut in What If...?, although he was also shown in cameo form for a quick moment in 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder.

The full trailer for I Am Groot Season 2 can be seen below, with the Watcher coming in at the 34-second mark:

What Role Will the Watcher Play in I Am Groot?

Looking at the first season of I Am Groot, the Watcher's role in this new season should be minimal after Baby Groot largely had the spotlight to himself last time around.

Fans could potentially get a small tease for the upcoming What If...? Season 2 should this series of shorts get particularly ambitious, but it shouldn't be expected at this point.

Last time, the only other MCU character to get any kind of substantial screen time was Rocket Raccoon, which only came in one of the five shorts Marvel delivered in Season 1.

The big question now is just how involved the Watcher will be as Baby Groot takes on his next set of short adventures, especially with runtime already coming in short supply as it is.

Season 2 of I Am Groot will debut on Disney+ on September 6.

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