MCU Producer Teases Exciting Future for Namor’s Talokanils

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Shrui with Talokans, Marvel Studios

The future of Namor’s Talokan people in the MCU has been teased by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s producer.

2018’s Black Panther wowed the world when it formally introduced the technological wonder and nation of Wakanda. The recent sequel got to repeat that same feat again, this time with the underwater marvel of Talokan.

Though, thanks to Tenoch Huerta’s Namor, they were far less welcoming than what audiences have seen of Wakanda. Despite his abrasive ness and arrogant ways, Talokan was not only jaw-dropping for audiences, but even to Princess Shuri herself.

Now, in a new interview, future appearances from the Talokanil have been teased.

Marvel's Future for Namor's Talokan

Namor, Wakanda Forever

In an interview with Collider, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever producer Nate Moore teased the future of Namor's Talokan, the new underwater nation introduced in the sequel.

Moore discussed the general strength levels of the Talokanil, stating that "they're a bit tougher [than regular humans," and "their muscle density is increased:"

“... ‘Are they sort of Super-Soldier-esque?’ I’m a bit of a nerd. So, I used to play the Marvel Heroes role-playing game, and you’re like, ‘Wait, do they have body armor? Do they have a 10?’ But no, we see them as sort of Super-Soldier level, partially because they live under the water. So, they’re a bit tougher, their skin’s a bit tougher, their bones probably are lighter, but their muscle density is increased."

He then went on to tease that "when [audiences] see them again," whoever might encounter them could "be in some trouble:"

"So, they are stronger than humans, certainly, and are able to withstand Okoye’s otherwise-killing strokes, much to her frustration, which I think makes them incredibly formidable. So, if and when we see them again, I think whoever comes across them might be in some trouble.”

While talking on Despierta America at Univision Studios in Flordia in early November, Tenoch Heurta, who played Namor, looked at the new hand gesture used by his Talokanil people and how it can be applied between them:

“'[It can mean] What’s going on?' 'How are you?” [They all laugh.] 'How Goes it Dude?' It’s the greeting that’s done with respect. That has to do with the sun and opening things. It’s like that, but if y’all use it like 'What’s up, dude?' – it works."

Alex Livinalli, the man behind Attuma, added that the cast "felt like [Talokans] needed their own phrase/salute:"

"Something that I think people should know—something that’s really important in Black Panther is the “Wakanda Forever” phrase and greeting. It’s a very powerful phrase, that’s really strong. Together we felt like [Talokans] needed their own phrase/salute."

While talking with CinemaBlend, Livinalli talked about the story of Talokan and how "being part of that is such an honor:"

“I think the story. The story… [of] how… [Mabel Cadena’s] from Mexico, I was born in Venezuela, and the representation that we’re bringing in the story, you see this group of people diving into the ocean in search of a better life. So, I think we can all somewhat imagine, or have seen that here in the [United] States, just people coming here in search of a better life. The American Dream. And being part of that is such an honor to represent diversity, to give a chance to people in South America, Central America to see themselves, like, ‘Hey, they look like us, they talk like us, they have accents like us,’ and in some ways Inspire them, you know? ... If we can Inspire at least one person… yeah.”

What's Next For Talokan?

The real question - when might fans actually see Talokan and its people again?

The biggest possibility is likely in a situation resulting from Val’s shady goals glimpsed in Wakanda Forever. Her aspirations could lead her to send the Thunderbolts to Wakanda in a power grab for their Vibranium.

In turn, this would get Wakanda’s newest ally involved. That, or maybe Val will just go for Talokan itself after its existence is inevitably discovered.

Given the power of Namor and his kingdom, it’s also a safe assumption that they’ll play a role in either Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars, possibly both.

As for the creation of Talokan’s unique hand gesture, it was a great choice on their end. It goes a long way in establishing the interesting parallels between the underwater city and Wakanda. Hopefully, the mysterious land under the sea will get plenty of more time to get further explored in the MCU.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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