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While Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is confirmed to address the passing of Chadwick Boseman through the loss of King T'Challa, the sequel is also set to expand the MCU through the underwater kingdom of Talocan and its own cast. 

In addition to Namor the Sub-mariner played by Tenoch Huerta, Black Panther 2 is also introducing Dominique Thorne's Riri Williams or Ironheart ahead of her own solo Disney+ series. 

In the comics, Ironheart is inspired by Tony Stark to create her own armor which has already been showcased in the film's marketing and merchandise. But now, a new clip from the film has offered a preview of what to expect from Riri Williams when she's not behind the mask.  

New Footage of Dominique Thorne's Ironheart in Black Panther 2 Revealed

Following Black Panther 2's Hollywood premiere, Marvel Studios has released a new clip from the sequel featuring Dominique Thorne as Ironheart's Riri Williams.

In the scene, Danai Gurira's Okoye and Letitia Wright's Shuri are in Riri Williams' dorm room at MIT, attempting to bring her to Wakanda.

However, Riri is clearly alarmed by this; and when she hurls a piece of tech at the two Wakandans, Okoye destroys it with her spear.

Black Panther 2 Okoye
Marvel Studios

Shuri isn't happy about this, exclaiming to Okoye "You brought a spear in here?"

When Riri picks up another object to throw at her surprise guests, Okoye tries to talk her down, saying:

"Small, small, girl. I am going to give you two options. You can come to Wakanda conscious or unconscious."

Black Panther 2 Riri
Marvel Studios

Undaunted, Riri's spirit is on full display when she responds by insulting Okoye's appearance.

Black Panther 2 Okoye
Marvel Studios

Shuri can't hold back her laughter at this, leading Okoye to turn and accuse her saying, "Oh it's funny?"

Black Panther 2 Okoye Shuri
Marvel Studios

Shuri calmly and quietly replies, "No. It's not. You look good."

Check out the full clip below:

Introducing the MCU's Latest Heroine

One of the questions leading up to Black Panther 2 is how Riri Williams goes from MIT to Wakanda and why Shuri needs her. While much of that remains a mystery, this new clip confirms that she isn't recruited easily.

Clearly, Thorne's Riri Williams is a fighter even when she's not in her Ironheart suit, offering audiences an idea of what to expect from her in the Ironheart Disney+ series

It will be interesting to see just how integral Riri will prove to be to the plot of Wakanda Forever and where the film will leave her character. Also, given that Black Panther 2 director Ryan Coogler is working on the Ironheart series, perhaps audiences will see characters from the film cross paths with Riri again on Disney+?

While fans will have to wait until Fall 2023 to find out, they can catch Dominique Thorne's official MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11.

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