Marvel Brings Back WandaVision Talent for Deadpool 3

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Marvel Studios is reportedly bringing a WandaVision costume designer back for Deadpool 3.

With over a year to go until its release, production for Deadpool 3 is now starting to pick up the pace, with Hugh Jackman's highly anticipated return as Wolverine already teased by director Shawn Levy. 

Jackman's inclusion broke the internet when it was first found out. Fans are particularly excited to see him return despite his prior emphasis that Logan would be his last as X-Men's Wolverine. However, he seems not to be the only one returning to the superhero genre. 

A new rumor indicates that one particular Marvel talent will also return for Deadpool 3, which will delight fans and costuming enthusiasts alike. 

WandaVision Costume Designer Returning for Deadpool 3

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According to The Cosmic Circus' Alex Perez and IMDb, acclaimed costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo will return as a costume designer for Deadpool 3

Rubeo is well-versed in the Marvel Universe, having worked on many MCU projects. Most recently, Rubeo worked on Thor: Ragnarok, Love and Thunder, and Werewolf by Night

With her rumored return, Perez claimed that Wolverine's costume would look "amazing" in Deadpool 3, indicative of the high opinion Perez and others have for her work. 

In the Thor series, Rubeo was essential in crafting the new tone, which took the God of Thunder from the Shakespearean tone of the first two films to a lighter and wackier one under director Taika Waititi

Still, whilst Rubeo embraced more colors to help take the Asgardian into a bold new direction, she noted that for Mighty Thor, played by Natalie Portman, she wanted to pay homage to Thor's original costume from his earlier Marvel films and even his comic appearances. 

Marvel fans will know her best for her work on WandaVision, a series that earned her an Emmy for outstanding sci-fi costuming in 2021.

Why Rubeo's Return Is Fantastic for Deadpool 3

Mayes C. Rubeo's work is in high demand, and Marvel must know this, having repeatedly booked the acclaimed costume designer over the last few years.

Still, fans can rejoice that Rubeo has agreed to return to Deadpool 3, as her award-winning attention to detail is celebrated by both fans and industry experts alike. 

Whilst the CGI helmet sported by Jane Foster in Love and Thunder was widely criticized, Rubeo's practical costumes have been highly praised for their accuracy and attention to detail, even incorporating old comic illustrations or period-appropriate stars to enhance the production depth. 

In a media kit for WandaVision, Rubeo explained how she paid homage to classic actors and actresses of each era, with a "beautiful homage to Audrey Hepburn" becoming a particular highlight

“The suit Vision wears and the wedding dress we made for Wanda for the opening titles were my favorite creations from that episode...They were both made from scratch, and Paul loved the suit and tie so much he was sad it couldn’t be used for the whole episode. Wanda’s dress was a beautiful homage to Audrey Hepburn.”

Rubeo's attention to detail will only enhance Deadpool 3 as her talents on Wandavision will indeed translate to Deadpool 3

It is clear that Rubeo has great respect for the Marvel brand and does careful research when designing costumes for fan favorites like Thor or the Scarlet Witch. However, given how long it takes until the film's release, it may be two years or more until fans, and costuming enthusiasts can marvel at her latest contributions to the Marvel wardrobe. 

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on November 8, 2024. 

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