Why Marvel Studios Rejected a Luke Skywalker Cameo in the MCU's What If...? Show

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Still trying to process that Loki finale? Well, Marvel has no intentions of dialing things back anytime soon. 

In fact, Marvel's next original series What If...? — debuting August 11 on Disney+ — is continuing to push the boundaries of the MCU. Not only is it the studio's first animated series, but What If...? intends to explore the Marvel characters and stories fans know but if certain details were changed. 

Basically, audiences will see Captain Carter instead of Captain America, Black Panther's T'Challa as Starlord, and even a Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

Given the series' seemingly limitless possibilities, What If...?'s creators had to think outside the box; and according to them, they were also thinking outside the franchise.  


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In an interview with Collider, What If...? head writer A.C. Bradley admitted that she was "notorious for trying to get a Star Wars character involved:"

"I was kind of notorious for trying to get a Star Wars character involved. We did try at one point, but it's kind of like play with the sandbox you were given. We gave you the entire MCU. Run with that. And, I was like 'Okay. But still, Luke Skywalker would be an amazing Avenger.'"

Bryan Andrews, the director for What If...?, loved the idea along with Bradley but was brought to the present galaxy when Marvel reminded them of its few guidelines. Although, he still has hope saying, "Who knows what can happen. You know, what if? Right?:"

"But we were thinking about them, but who knows? If fans watch it, love it, and clamor enough... Who knows what can happen? You know, what if? Right?"

Surprisingly this wasn't the only time A.C. Bradley talked about her desire to bring that galaxy far, far away into the MCU.

When talking with GamesRadar+, Bradley explained, "Despite my damndest, I was not allowed to use Star Wars characters. I tried many times; they kept reminding me that Luke Skywalker is not an Avenger."


The Return of the Jedi-era Luke Skywalker cameo in The Mandalorian's Season 2 finale stunned audiences and left the fan base on a high that it hadn't experienced in years. In fact, that scene alone is getting its own episode of the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on August 25, 2021. 

So, what could possibly top a moment like that? Well, Luke piloting a Quinjet or a Skywalker vs. Starlord face-off would do it. 

Granted, an MCU/Star Wars crossover is about as out there as the Outer Rim or Sakaar, but the multiverse is a thing now, and Marvel Studios is all about it. 

After all, fans did just get Throg and Alligator Loki in Loki, and somehow, it worked. Also, the fact that What If...?'s head writer actually "tried many times" indicates the studio is not only open to it but had a possible story brewing. 

Still, the odds of this happening in the near future are slim. Lucasfilm has several Disney+ series in the works while Marvel Studios still has endless characters from its own library to introduce to the MCU. 

However, Star Wars did introduce its World Between Worlds and time-traveling abilities in Star Wars Rebels. While an Avenger Luke Skywalker may not be in the stars for now, like Andrews said, "You know, what if? Right?"

What If...? premieres exclusively on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

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