The Direct Podcast: Hawkeye Ep4 Review, Fra Fee Interview, Spider-Man: Far From Home Retrospective

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Another big week for The Direct Podcast!

We start off breaking down the biggest news of the week, Charlie Cox returning as Daredevil. Kevin Feige let this cat out of the bag and it has major implications for the character moving forward. While it is great to see Cox return as Matt Murdock, what does that mean for his stories moving forward?

Next, we talk about all the top news from the universes you love including the MCU Multiverse timeline, a Penguin spinoff series after The Batman, and Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins.

Hawkeye episode 4 has arrived and we are in the endgame now. The boys break down this episode that resets the stakes and gets fans ready for the home stretch as episodes 5 and 6 are sure to bring the heat with so many loose ends to tie up.

For more Hawkeye, we sit down with the actor who plays Kazi, Fra Fee. Fee talks about his character's backstory with The Track Suit mafia, Maya Lopez, and his future in the MCU.

Finally, our last stop on our Spider-Man rewatch. Spider-Man: Far From Home sets the table for Spider-Man: No Way Home which is in theaters next week. What does this movie do to set up Peter Parker for his biggest challenge yet?

Thank you all so much for listening! 


2:58 - Production Update

5:29 - Quick Question

15:51 - Sizzle Reel

17:45 - Patty Jenkins, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman 3

20:55 - Kevin Feige Talks X-Men / Multiverse Plans

27:17 - Colin Farrell / Penguin HBO Max Series

30:59 - Hawkeye Ep4 Review

1:03:37 - Fra Fee Interview

1:07:07 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Retrospective

1:34:25 - Weekly Recs (Christmas Movies!)

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