Marvel’s Eternals Writer Reveals Alternate Post-Credits Scenes Featured New Characters

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Marvel Studios' next adventure is almost here in the form of Eternals. The grand scale story will introduce the alien race of the Eternals to the world alongside the Celestials that they service.

The characters are about as obscure as they get, so Marvel Studios is banking on being able to sell audiences to them in the same way that they did with Guardians of the Galaxy and Shang-Chi.

With all of the crazy concepts that this project is introducing to audiences, it's only fair to assume that the post-credits scene for the film will be a huge step forward in the MCU mythos.

While the film hasn't hit theaters yet, it hasn't stopped Marvel from vaguely talking about the mysteries they contain.

Eternals Almost Introduced Different Characters

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In a conversation with MetroEternals writer Kaz Firpo talked about the post-credits sequence of the film.

More specifically, the writer talked about how the team got to the final versions that audiences will see on screen.  

According to Firpo, "[they] wrote about nine versions:"

"Yea, so the post-credits sequences... we wrote about nine versions before we settled on what's in the movie. There's some really spicy ones that always change. It's an evolving process."

He then mentioned how "there's a lot of different voices" going around when making these decisions and that "ten thousand people worked on this film:"

"Every Marvel movie is constantly growing... there's a thousand... I think ten thousand people worked on this film all over the world. And so there's a lot of different voices that are coming and adding and changing and growing. So , with these particularly, they tell the story of where we want it to go next. So, when you watch the movie, stick around. Their gonna tell you something about where the next direction is."

Firpo circled back around to reiterate the process of choosing the best post-credits sequence. In doing so, he also casually dropped the fact that the other candidates "chose different characters... [and] different ideas:"

"Well, we can't spoil anything, but the other nine possible versions of these endings, they just told different stories. They chose different characters, they introduced different ideas, and so a big part of it for us was just, where do we want to go next? And when we finally figured that out when the movie was done, that's when we knew, this is the way we're going, we're going out into the stars."

What Could Those Post-Credits Sequences Have Been?

It's hard to speculate what those alternate options would have been without even knowing what the final ones are. Fans can't even see the film until November 5 of this year.

What's unique about what Firpo is saying is that he seems to be alluding to the fact these nine alternate options weren't simply different versions of the same general idea––they seemingly introduced entirely new characters and concepts.

One of the biggest teases that fans have speculated on from Eternals is the introduction of Galactus. If that isn't what made it to the final version, it's a pretty safe bet to say that he was at least considered. 

Then there's Kit Harington's Black Knight; though, given how big the character is, it would be hard to imagine the film not having some sort of set-up for the character after the credits roll.

Whatever the case may be, fans will just have to trust in both the Eternals writers and Marvel Studios––they know the bigger picture, after all.

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