Marvel’s Eternals 2: New Listing Hints at Sequel Filming Plan

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A new listing online seems to strongly hint at filming/production for Marvel StudiosEternals 2 finally moving forward.

The first film, directed by Chloé Zhao, came out last year, and to say the least, it wasn’t received very well. In fact, it became the first MCU film to get a negative Rotten Tomatoes score.

Despite that, however, fans are eager to hear about the expected sequel. The project wasn’t mentioned at San Diego Comic-Con or D23 earlier this year, so its future remains cloudy.

Even the actors behind the characters have no idea if or when they’ll be back. Though, some are sure they’ll return eventually.

Now, the hope that a sequel is on the way has been renewed.

Is Eternals 2 Closer Than Anyone Realizes?


Big Punch Entertainment, the management agency of Gilgamesh actor Ma Dong-seok’s (Don Lee), released a public statement promoting Lee's upcoming projects for 2023 and beyond. Among the various films is the second Eternals movie. 

A translated version of the Korean announcement, via Eternals Updates on Twitter, mentions how Lee is currently filming Criminal City 4 before stating that Eternals 2 "planned to be produced:"

"As production on the drama 'Hive' remains unclear, Ma Dong-seok is in discussion and planning for many movies and dramas scheduled for production next year. Currently, Ma Dong-seok is filming 'Criminal City 4'. 'Holy Night: Demon Hunters', 'Wilderness', and 'Criminal City 3' are about to be released, and 'Eternals 2' and other global projects he'll be appearing in are planned to be produced."

What to Expect From an Eternals Family Reunion

It would be strange if Eternals didn’t end up getting a sequel. The movie set up so much lore and plot devices for the MCU’s future that it feels as if skipping a sequel isn’t possible.

For one, Marvel has to resolve the plot point pertaining to half of the movie’s cast being kidnapped by a Celestial. Then there’s Arishem’s eventual return for judgment (perhaps setting up MCU’s Galactus), Dane Whitman’s new blade, Tiamut sticking out of the sea,  and more.

Of course, this also includes the potential for further exploration of Harry Styles’ Eros, also known as Thanos’ brother. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself confirmed that the newly introduced character will return—but will it be for an Eternals sequel or something else entirely, such as Avengers: The Kang Dynasty?

Then there's Gilgamesh himself—if Don Lee is to return, that would mean that the character would need to be resurrected, perhaps thanks to the World Forge. If he can return, that also means that the door will be open for Richard Madden's Ikaris to return, as well as Salma Hayek's Ajak.

Hopefully, for the eventual second movie, Marvel Studios can dramatically improve its quality. If Thor can go from The Dark World to Ragnarok, any property can.

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