HBO's Last of Us Season 3 Gets Exciting Update from Showrunner

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The Last of Us Season 3 just got an exciting update from showrunner Craig Mazin. 

After a successful first run on HBO, the critically acclaimed PlayStation adaptation is getting at least one more season, this time tackling the events of the PlayStation 4 game The Last of Us Part II

While Season 2 is a guarantee, anything beyond that remains a question for the post-apocalyptic series. Despite this, series creator Craig Mazin thinks there is "quite a bit of story to tell," and his "plan is to do it not just for one more season."

Co-showrunner and producer Neil Druckmann agrees with Mazin, remarking that they have "a lot" of Season 3 already laid out, regardless of not having a third season confirmed.

The Last of Us Season 3 Gets a Promising Update

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The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin has further hinted at the HBO series getting a Season 3. 

In a conversation with Deadline, Mazin remained adamant the Emmy-nominated drama is "going to be more than one season [more]" unless "people don’t watch it:"

“It’s going to be more than one season. There’s more story, so this show will not end with Season 2 unless people don’t watch it and we’ll get canceled.”

He continued, commenting on how closely to the games Season 2 and (potentially) Season 3 would stick, mentioning, "We will be doing some things exactly the way they were in the game" and "do [some] differently:"

“Barring that, we will be doing some things exactly the way they were in the game. We’re going to do other things that are in the game and we’re gonna do some things that are in the game but we’re gonna do them differently in our own method. No matter if you have played the game or not. You will be surprised as the season unfolds. We have some interesting twists and turns.”

Is The Last of Us Season 3 Going to Happen?

Yes, The Last of Us Season 3 has not been officially announced by HBO as of yet, but it is almost surely going to happen. 

If, as Mazin said, the only thing stopping a third season from coming to fruition is if "people don’t watch it," then the Last of Us team has nothing to worry about. Season 1 of the hit series broke viewership records across its nine episodes.

HBO has a winner on its hands, and that will likely carry over into Season 2. 

Plus, narratively, the series is going to have to kind of need a Season 3. While the first Last of Us game translates well into a single season of TV, Part II is a little more complicated from a story standpoint. 

In fact, the critically-acclaimed second game in the series pretty naturally could be split into two parts. That means if HBO wants to tell this story effectively a Season 3 is a must. 

Meanwhile, development on The Last of Us Season 2 remains on-ice as the writers' and actors' strikes continue in Hollywood. 

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