Incredible Hulk's Liv Tyler Rumored to Make Marvel Movie Return

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After fifteen years away from her MCU role as Betty Ross, it looks like Liv Tyler might rejoin the super-powered franchise in World War Hulk

While not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios yet, the big screen World War Hulk adaptation has been the studio's worst-kept secret. 

The last time Hulk got a movie of his own in the MCU was back in 2008, in the franchise's infancy. Now, with Marvel set to get the solo film rights to the character back "in the next two years," according to insider MyTimeToShineHello, it sounds as though Marvel Studios is readying the troops for another hulking adventure.

That of course includes Bruce Banner himself Mark Ruffalo, who has already commented on the idea of another Hulk solo movie, but it could also mean the return of a long-absent MCU character. 

Betty Ross Back for World War Hulk?

Liv Tyler, Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner

According to word from insiders, The Incredible Hulk actress Liv Tyler is in talks to return to the MCU for World War Hulk

The Betty Ross actress has not been seen or heard from in the franchise since 2008, but a new post from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers on Reddit revealed that the online forum's sources have heard Tyler would be back. 

The latest 'Tales from The Mod Queue' post noted that the heavily rumored MCU take on World War Hulk is "moving forward as a movie" and that "Liv Tyler is in talks to return as Betty Ross."

What Does Liv Tyler's Return to the MCU Mean? 

Of all the important legacy MCU characters Liv Tyler's Betty Ross has probably gotten the least amount of play, so it is exciting to hear that the actress is having conversations about coming back. 

For years The Incredible Hulk has kind of been an afterthought for fans of the MCU. Despite this though, it has served as one of the more integral early Marvel Studios outings when it comes to long-term storytelling (just look at the upcoming Captain America 4). 

Fans have not gotten to see Tyler's Marvel scientist for more than a decade, but her father, General 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who was introduced in that first 2008 blockbuster, has had a lasting impact on the MCU. 

And with everything that seems to be planned for 'Thunderbolt' Ross - now being played by Harrison Ford - in the next few years within the franchise, it is going to be fascinating to see Betty back after all this time away. 

World War Hulk has yet to be officially confirmed but is expected by many to slot into one of Marvel Studios' eight empty placeholder dates on the MCU calendar

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