Heartland Season 18 Gets Hopeful Release Update from Producer

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Following Season 17's conclusion, fans wonder if Heartland will continue with Season 18 and what it may have in store.

Starring Amber Marshall, Chris Potter, and Shaun Johnston, Heartland is Canada's longest-running one-hour scripted TV drama which follows the lives of the Fleming-Barlett family on their Alberta horse ranch. 

CBC renewed Heartland in May 2023 for a 10-episode Season 17, which aired from October 1 to December 3 of the same year. 

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When Will Heartland Season 18 Release?

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CBC hasn't officially renewed Heartland for Season 18 yet. However, that could soon change. 

In an interview with Keep Heartland Strong, writer Mark Haroun shared that he's "very positive" about a Season 18 renewal:

"I think it's looking, I will say, it's very positive that there will be a Season 18, so hopefully, there'll be an official announcement soon..."

For reference, Season 17 was officially announced in May 2023 while Season 16 was renewed in June 2022.

If Heartland intends to keep to that schedule, the "official announcement" could happen in the coming weeks. 

As for when the new episodes could release, recent Heartland seasons have aired yearly, with Season 15 premiering on October 17, 2021, Season 16 on October 2, 2022, and Season 17 on October 1, 2023. 

If Season 18 happens, CBC will likely release new episodes in October 2024.

Heartland Season 18's Potential Cast

Given Heartland's extensive cast and the events of Season 18, there are a variety of actors who could return for another season, with the first being Heartland's main protagonist, Amber Marshall.  

Not only is she expected to continue juggling her gift for horses with single motherhood, but Season 17 suggested Amy will continue exploring her budding relationship with the family's rival business owner, Nathan Pryce, Jr., played by Spencer Lord.

Other main cast members expected to return for Season 18 include Ruby and Emanuella Spencer as Amy's daughter, Lyndy Fleming, and Amy's sister, Lou Fleming Morris, played by Michelle Morgan.  

Chris Potter's Tim Fleming and Shaun Johnston's Jack Barlett, as well as Amy and Lou's father and grandfather,are expected to return as well. 

Here's every Heartland actor who is expected to come back for Season 18:

  • Amber Marshall - Amy Fleming
  • Michelle Morgan - Lou Fleming Morris
  • Ruby and Emanuella Spencer - Lyndy Fleming
  • Chris Potter - Tim Fleming
  • Gabriel Hogan - Peter Morris
  • Michelle Nolden - Jessica Cook
  • Kerry James - Caleb Odell
  • Shaun Johnston - Jack Bartlett
  • Baye McPherson - Katie Fleming Morris
  • Ava Tran - Parker Yang
  • Jessica Steen - Lisa Stillman

What Could Happen in Heartland Season 18?

Even though Heartland Season 18 has yet to be confirmed, Season 17 set up various plotlines for new episodes. 

First, Jack was less than thrilled with the growing connection between Amy and Nathan.

No doubt this friction will continue into Season 18, but it's also expected to become more complicated since Garland Foods dropped the family's Heartland Beef business in the Season 17 finale.

Granted, while Lou appeared determined to stick to Heartland Beef's convictions, the business - and the ranch - could be facing uncertainty and some hard times, leading the family to take issue with Amy's bond with their rival. 

Writer Mark Haroun alluded to this in the previously mentioned interview, noting how "running a ranch like Heartland is incredibly challenging" in modern times and raising the question of how "Jack and Tim [will] adjust:"

"In the modern age, having a ranch and running a ranch like Heartland is incredibly challenging. So how does Jack and Time adjust? How do they adjust and change? And, of course, now they have this competitor that lives next door as well."

There's also the fan-favorite question of whether original Heartland cast member Jessica Amlee's Mallory will continue reprising her role after returning in Season 17.

In a separate interview with Keep Heartland Strong, Haroun addressed this cast question by admitting, "I don't think it's the last you've seen of Mallory:"

"You never know. I don't want to give away anything but... Let's just say, I don't think it's the last you've seen of Mallory. I don't if it will be Season 18 or another season. You never know."

Seasons 1 through 15 of Heartland are streaming now on Netflix, but Seasons 16 and 17 are not on the service. Heartland reruns are also available on various other streaming platforms in the U.S.

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