Hawkeye May Lose Hearing in Upcoming Disney+ Series

By Liam Crowley Posted:
Hawkeye on the phone, Clint Barton with bow and arrow

From debuting as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s expert archer to becoming a samurai sword-wielding assassin, Hawkeye has changed significantly since he first appeared in 2011's Thor.

Through his various appearances, Clint Barton has fulfilled some of his most popular comic moments, including shooting Ant-Man through the sky on an arrow, and donning the black and gold trimmed Ronin attire. One aspect of his character that has yet to be translated to the big screen is his hearing disability. However, a new report suggests that MCU's resident archer could become deaf in his solo series.


Hasn't Clint Barton been through enough already? According to the Murphy's Law Podcast, it was suggested that Kevin Feige and company were planning on Hawkeye going deaf in his upcoming Disney+ series.

"What was heard was that they were initially going to pursue the idea of Clint going deaf... That was part of the plan for the [Hawkeye] series, and so we'll see if that's still in there."


Mind-controlled by Loki, watched his family vanish before his eyes, and now possibly going deaf? Man, Hawkeye can't catch a break.

In all seriousness, this minor change to Clint Barton seems like the appropriate evolution for his character. Despite being in the MCU since 2011, the upcoming Hawkeye series represents Jeremy Renner's first spotlighted outing as the violet archer. Sure, he's been through trials and tribulations before, but a permanent impairment that directly affects his abilities could lay the groundwork for a hero's journey throughout the series.

It's no secret that the MCU's version of Hawkeye is not a perfect adaptation of the comic character (notably missing his purple cowl), but the freedom of a miniseries allows for absent aspects to make their way to the streaming screen. Hawkeye's deafness in the comics somewhat explains his scope-like eyes, as losing a sense sharpens the other ones. While Clint has infamously "never missed," this change to his character could make for the expert marksman to emerge like fans have never seen him before.

Production on the Hawkeye series is eyed to start this fall, and is slated to release sometime in 2022.

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