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Beloved animated comedy Futurama returned for a new season on Hulu with a stacked cast that will hook fans immediately. 

After its second cancellation back in 2013, Futurama has risen from the dead yet again for at least 20 more episodes, with the producing team "really hopeful and optimistic that [they'll] get to do more." 

Most of the series' original cast is back for the revival, even though it took some controversial contract negotiations for some of the shoe's stars to get there. 

So with Season 11 of Futurama finally ready to stream on Hulu, here is every actor fans can expect to see in the sci-fi satire. 

Every Actor & Character in Futurama Season 11

1.) Billy West - Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg & Zapp Brannigan

Billy West Futurama

Billy West returns in Futurama Season 11 as Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg & Zapp Brannigan. West's Fry has served as the central protagonist of the series since the beginning. West's various supporting roles also make an appearance, showing up as goofy Professor Farnsworth, self-proclaimed 'human expert' Dr. Zoidberg, and egotistical military commander Zap Brannigan. 

West has appeared in all 11 seasons of Futurama and may also be recognized for his work on Ren & Stimpy and Space Jam

2.) Katey Sagal - Turanga Leela

Katey Sagal Futurama

Captain of the Planet Express Ship, Turanga Leela (played by Katey Sagal) also returns in this latest season of the hit comedy. In a crew of utter buffoons, Leela brings an air of professionalism to the space-faring vessel. She has had and continues to have a passion for kicking ass, not afraid to get into a fight when things need to be handled. 

Katey Sagal is best known for voicing Leela in every season of Futurama, as well as starring roles in 8 Simple Rules, Married...With Children, and Sons of Anarchy

3.) John DiMaggio - Bender

John DiMaggio Futurama

Arguably the most recognizable character from Futurama is John DiMaggio's Bender. This foul-mouthed robot is known for drinking copious amounts of alcohol and saying things that border the offensive. He lives with Fry in his shoebox apartment, befriending his human compatriot shortly after Fry wakes up after 999 years frozen in ice. 

John DiMaggio is one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood, having played Bender since 1999. His past credits include Kim Possible, various Transformers films, and the Gears of War video game franchise. 

4.) Lauren Tom - Amy Wong

Lauren Tom Futurama

Lauren Tom also returns as Planet Express delivery service employee Amy Wong. This klutzy party animal is a student who splits her time between her studies and working with the Planet Express crew to make sure the galaxy gets its mail. Amy has had quite the dating history throughout the series' 11 seasons, but eventually settled down, marrying the Amphibiosan Kif Kroker.

Lauren Tom is another member of the original Futurama cast back for Season 11, having also appeared in Friends, Teen Titans Go!, and Batman Beyond

5.) Phil LaMarr - Hermes Conrad

Phil LaMarr Futurama

Longtime Futurama character Hermes Conrad (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is back for the series' new season. Hermes is the bureaucratic accountant of Planet Express whose number one priority is his vocation. He is best known for his Jamaican accent and hatred for Dr. Zoidberg. 

Phil Lamarr previously voiced Hermes in the first two runs of Futurama. His other credits include Pulp Fiction, Samurai Jack, and Harley Quinn.

6.) Maurice LaMarche - Kif Kroker

Maurice LaMarche Futurama

One of Futurama's many recurring alien characters is the Amphibiosan Kif Kroker (played by Maurice LaMarche). This native of Amphibios 9 is a member of the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) who works as a lieutenant to the inept general Zapp Brannigan. 

Maurice LaMarche has worked on Futurama for all 11 seasons, Disney's Zootopia, The Simpsons, and Pinky and the Brain.

7.) Frank Welker - Nibbler

Frank Welker Futurama

Frank Welker's Nibbler (or Lord Nibbler) is best known as the character responsible for pushing Fry into the cryogenic tube back in 1999, resulting in the character's reemergence 999 years into the future. Nibbler is a Nibblonian who has existed since the beginning of time, having appeared in 34 episodes of the series over its 24-year existence. 

Frank Welker is best known for his work as the voice of Fred Jones in the Scooby-Doo franchise as well as Megatron in the original Transformers cartoon. 

8.) Tress MacNeille - Linda

Tress MacNeille Futurama

After appearing 27 episodes prior to Season 11, Tress MacNeille returns as Linda van Schoonhoven in the Futurama revival. Linda is a supporting character in the series, serving as the co-anchor of Channel √2 News and Good Morning, Earth. 

Tress MacNeille's other past credits include The Simpsons, Animaniacs, and the voice of Disney characters Chip and Daisy Duck.

9.) David Herman - Scruffy

David Herman Futurama

Scruffy Scruffington (voiced by David Herman) returns in Futurama Season 11 after playing a minor role throughout the series' storied history. Scruffy is the Planet Express janitor whose name is never remembered by any of the main cast. 

David Herman is best known for Futurama, Office Space, Idiocracy, and Dude, Where's My Car?.

10.) Dan Castellaneta - The Robot Devil

Dan Castellaneta Futurama

Dan Castellaneta's The Robot Devil (aka Beelzebot) pops back up in the new season of Futurama, slotting into the big bad role he has occupied many times throughout the series. He lives in Robot Hell amongst other mechanical sinners, however, this place is not what one thinks. Instead of being the traditional underworld, Robot Hell is just an abandoned amusement park in New Jersey. 

Dan Castellaneta is best known for his work as the voice of Homer Simpson in The Simpsons as well as film appearances in Space Jam and Super 8.

11.) Al Gore - Al Gore’s Head

Al Gore Futurama

Poking a bit of fun at himself is Al Gore as Al Gore's Head. Gore's Futurama appearance has been a long-running joke in the series, as in-universe he served as the first Emperor of the Moon, famously riding the moon worm. He now exists as a head in an exceedingly elaborate jar. 

Al Gore is the former vice president of the United States, best known on-screen for environmental documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth.

12.) Coolio - Kwanzaa-bot

Coolio Futurama

Rapper Coolio reprises his Kwanzaa-bot role after a pair of appearances in past seasons of Futurama. This holiday-themed android is the Kwanzaa counterpart to Robot Santa Clause, known for handing out materials explaining what Kwanzaa is, something he constantly complains about having no success at. 

Coolio is a renowned musician in the hip-hop space best known for his Grammy-winning "Gangsta's Paradise." Coolio passed away on September 28, 2022 at the age of 59.

13.) Cara Delevingne - Makeup Robot

Cara Delevingne
Prime Video

Guest starring in the first episode of Season 11 is Cara Delevingne. In her first Futurama appearance, Delevingne plays Makeup Robot in a split-second cameo. Delevingne's character can be seen being squished by the Execubots in Episode 1, with a single line, "Aargh!"

Cara Delevingne is best known for her modeling work while also appearing in TV and film projects like Suicide Squad, Only Murders in the Building, and Paper Towns.

14.) Ego Nwodim - Dung Beetle Shaman

Ego Nwodim Headshot
Ego Nwodim

Popping up in Episode 4 of Season 11 is Ego Nwodim as the Dung Beetle Shaman. On a quest to destroy the worms that have infected Nibbler, the Planet Express team joins forces with an army of dung beetles led by Nwodim's Dung Beetle Shaman after being shrunk down into Nibbler's litter box. 

Ego Nwodim is a member of the Saturday Night Live cast, with other credits that include It's a Party and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

15.) Brad Norman - PC

Brad Norman Headshot
Brad Norman

Brad Norman makes a voice cameo in Season 11 of Futurama, appearing as PC in the first episode of this new season. Norman can be heard in the Humorbot snippet of Episode 1, saying "Booh!" to the robotic comedian. 

 Brad Norman's may be familiar for his appearances in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and America's Most Haunted.

New episodes of Futurama are released every Monday on Hulu. 

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