Falcon and Winter Soldier Director Comments on Madripoor’s Future In Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Madripoor

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has the attention of fans around the world—especially after last week’s ending. A brutal, jaw-dropping scene that starts the downward spiral of one of our new mainstays sent shock waves through the fan base.

Though even with that, there’s still an aspect of the third episode of the Disney+ series that hasn’t been forgotten: Madripoor — the city of criminals, and a place John Wick would happily call home.

The city holds strong ties to the X-Men and mutants in general. Wolverine even used to work at a place called the Princess Bar in Madripoor— an establishment that’s sign even got teased with its own shot in “The Power Broker”. The real question though, is what does the future hold for this newly introduced iconic locale?

Well, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s director may have something to say on that front.


Madripoor Falcon and Winter Soldier

During an interview with Vanity Fair, within their Still Watching podcast , Kari Skogland was asked about the potential future of Madripoor and if such a fictional location with potential for more appearances requires a different level of conversation from within Marvel.

“I don't think they’d ever have a conversation like that because they really look to how it sits within the story you’re telling. So, I don’t know whether they have future plans or not. I wouldn’t know.

Skogland then elaborated on how folks at Marvel work with her when making a location like Madripoor, instructing her to "make it the most evocative you can make it" above all else:

“...they only look at the immediate, and say 'make it the best you can make it. Make it the most evocative you can make it. Put together something that we haven’t seen before, that’s pulled from the comics, but isn’t duplicating what the comics are doing, but improving it.' But then if we’re lucky enough, and we’ve 'dazzled,' then they would probably use it again. I don’t know.”


It's hard to believe that Marvel doesn't have bigger plans for Madripoor, as slipping a Wolverine Easter egg in there without even a small conversation would be odd otherwise. One thing is for sure though: Madripoor will certainly come up again in the MCU.

That said, it may take a while for fans to see any of that come to light.  Marvel sure does seem to be taking their sweet time when it comes to introducing the mutants, and the city of Madripoor has such a deep connection to them that there's no way they won't be interconnected at some point.

Another big element of the comics that might come into play within the confines of Madripoor is the villainous organization known as The Hand. The red-hooded ninja clan has tried to take a foothold in the city multiple times in the comics, so seeing them show up here wouldn't be at that crazy.

With the rights of Daredevil safely returned to Marvel Studios and the character's potential return in Spider-Man: No Way Home , this outcome may be much closer than that of anything mutant related.

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March 19, 2021
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