The Direct Podcast - Eternals Trailer, Spider-Man Rumors, Best Page to Screen MCU Moments

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The Eternals are here!

After months of patience and anticipation, Marvel Studios finally satiated our thirst with our first in-depth look at Chloe Zhao's Eternals. We take a deep dive into what the trailer showed us and extensively break down what each member of Marvel's latest ensemble brings to the table.

Before that, we bring you the top news of the week in the sizzle reel, dominated by (you guessed it) Spider-Man. New villains from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise are now rumored for No Way Home! A marketing push for Holland's threequel is on its way! And Sony has cast an unexpected Kraven the Hunter!

We round out this week's show with a list of the best page-to-screen moments in the MCU with's Jim Viscardi.

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3:12 - Quick Question

9:15 - Sizzle Reel

11:11 - Baby Yoda in Boba Fett?

11:52 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors

25:55 - Kraven the Hunter Casting

34:51 - Joker 2 Script Being Written

40:53 - Deep Dive: All Things Eternals

1:22:58 - Best Page-to-Screen MCU Moments List (w/ Jim Viscardi)

1:38:00 - Weekly Recs

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