Marvel Echo Show Disney Plus Release Date & Time of Every Episode (Confirmed)

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With the premiere of Echo imminent, find out when Marvel Studios’s first TV-MA show drops on Disney+.

Echo will follow the further exploits of Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez. Maya was originally introduced to the MCU in 2021’s Hawkeye, where she served as a secondary antagonist before turning on her boss Wilson Fisk, aka, Kingpin.

Now, audiences can see how the character came to be who she is while also witnessing her next confrontation with Fisk, which is bound to be tense considering she shot him in the face at the end of Hawkeye.

When Does Echo Release on Disney+ & Hulu?

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Echo series

Echo will have a dual debut on Hulu and Disney+. Marvel will employ a new strategy for the series’ release schedule by dropping each episode simultaneously. 

All five episodes of Echo will arrive on the streaming services Tuesday, January 9 at 9 p.m. ET.

Check out the full release schedule below:

  • Episode 1: Tuesday, January 9
  • Episode 2: Tuesday, January 9
  • Episode 3: Tuesday, January 9
  • Episode 4: Tuesday, January 9
  • Episode 5: Tuesday, January 9

Why Is Marvel Releasing All Episodes of Echo at Once?

Typically, with an MCU show streaming on Disney+, the platform will put out one episode per week. But when it comes to Echo, things are a bit different. 

The studio’s reasoning for the airdate change-up isn’t exactly clear, but there are a couple of possible explanations.

Netflix famously drops all the episodes in a given original series’ season simultaneously, allowing audiences to binge them. 

Binge-watching is a hugely popular pastime for viewers, and many would cite it as their preferred method of consuming new TV. Perhaps Marvel wants to hop onto that particular bandwagon?

Or from a far more pessimistic perspective, it could be that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and co. are unhappy with the finished product and want to get Echo out there and over with as fast as possible.

However, early critic reactions to Echo have been pretty positive, with many praising its grounded tone and the strength of its lead actor, Alaqua Cox.

It’s a lean year for Marvel Studios, with only three live-action projects slated for release. Echo joins Deadpool 3 and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries on the company’s 2024 itinerary. 

All episodes of Echo drop on Disney+ at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, January 9.

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