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Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Writer Sets Next DC Superhero Movie

Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Justice League
By Klein Felt

It is an exciting time for DC fans. The outlook for the comic company's universe on the big screen is a bright one, as Warner Bros. looks to make up ground after faltering in the last couple of years. Part of this effort has involved diving into the toy chest of the famed comic brand showcasing heroes like Batgirl, Black Adam, and now potentially the Wonder Twins. 

The Wonder Twins are two lesser-known DC heroes who most notably appeared in the Super Friends cartoons from the early 1970s. The two have a long comic lineage and, despite being referenced early on in the Arrowverse, have yet to make the jump into live-action. 

Well, with WB fleshing out their plans for the next couple of years, it seems that the two heroes may be getting the Hollywood treatment. Additionally, the pair seems to be getting that treatment from a familiar face to DC fans

DC's Wonder Twins Hitting the Big Screen

HBO Max Wonder Twins

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that a film centered on DC's Wonder Twins is in development at Warner Bros. The project sets Adam Sztykiel as its writer and director and will debut on HBO Max. Sztykiel has worked with Warner Bros. on many blockbuster films, having recently finished work on Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

The film will be produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey and is reportedly titled Wonder Twins.

Super Friends on the Way?

While Super Friends remains a beloved animated title from the DC days of yore, this could point to bigger plans for the Wonder Twins down the road. Warner Bros seems to be building something both in movie theaters and on HBO Max

What that may be is still up in the air, but it is fun for fans to pontificate on the future of the DCEU and what the Wonder Twins showing up could indicate. 

With the likes of Batgirl, the Wonder Twins, and Ezra Miller's Flash, Warner is seemingly building up its younger roster of heroes in the same way that Marvel Studios has been as of late.

While Marvel looks like it's inching towards a Young Avengers project, DC could be doing something similar with a Young Justice League. Yes, all these moves on their own may not seem that way at all, but looking at them all from ten-thousand feet away, and the breeze does start to blow in that direction. 

And how cool would be to see this new Young Justice League or Teen Titan crew all join forces to take on some greater threat? 

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