Has Dolly Parton Been Cancelled? The Federalist Criticism & Fan Backlash Explained

By Gillian Blum Posted:
Dolly Parton

On June 6, conservative news outlet The Federalist published an article criticizing Dolly Parton's pro-LGBTQ+ views, and Parton's fans have made their anger at the piece very clear.

Titled "There’s Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton’s False Gospel," the article on the politically far-right website condemns Parton for using her Christianity as reasoning for her inclusive world view and messaging.

The general thesis says that despite Parton being welcoming of all her fans — even those she may disagree with — she refuses to "[call] sin out by name" (the article treats homosexuality as sinful). As such, according to The Federalist, she is not necessarily a nonpartisan Christian.

The writer calls herself a fan of Parton but finds her acceptance of what the writer calls "immoral sexual behavior" (again, referring to homosexuality) "unaligned with God’s vision for humanity."

Internet Defends Parton After Far-Right Criticism

Dolly Parton on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Dolly Parton

Of course, with Dolly Parton being as inclusive and loving as the article even acknowledges she is, she has many fans.

Clearly, these fans (and others online who may be more separated) will take the chance to not only defend Parton but to bash a homophobic, far-right article and an outlet like The Federalist at large in the process.

In fact, as of writing, there have been at least seven posts in the last five minutes alone defending Parton against this article and its criticisms, pointing out her charity work, support for marginalized communities, and inclusive messaging.

And that isn't even to mention all the posts since the article was published yesterday.

@Marmel on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out several of Parton's efforts toward equity over the years. They explained that while those on the far-right "hate" women who are, among other things, "strong, independent and wealthy," they detest the "kindness" of these women "most of all:"

"Republicans hate women like 
Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton  because they are strong, independent and wealthy women who they can't control.

But it's their kindness they hate most of all."

@sheologian spoke to the argument the original article tries to make about Parton's faith, calling Parton "more Christ-like than every mega church pastor:"

"Dolly Parton has been more Christ-like than every mega church pastor and most so-called Christians. And she does it quietly and without a big fuss."

@3YearLetterman, a popular youth-football coach with a large X following, said that he "will go after anyone on this app … except Dolly Parton:

"I will go after anyone on this app … except Dolly Parton

Delete your whole account"

After urging The Federalist to "delete [its] whole account," he shared that he would give the earnings he makes on the app to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (a project Parton runs that expands children's access to free books), because "that’s how bad the disrespect is" in the recent article:

"I will be donating my Twitter earnings to Dolly Parton imagination LIBRARY - that’s how bad the disrespect is"

More information on Parton's library can be found on her website.

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