Did Daisy Ridley Just Tease Her Star Wars Return on Instagram?

By Gillian Blum Updated:
Daisy Ridley, Rey Skywalker

Rey actress Daisy Ridley sparked fan speculation about a potential return to Star Wars after a new Instagram post at Lucasfilm.

Ridley last appeared as Rey in 2019's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Since that film, Ridley has said that a return to her character isn't out of the question, as she "[wi]ll always be Rey."

Ridley has faced a lot of negativity from Star Wars fans, as has her character Rey. Despite this, the actor returned to social media in April after abandoning it in 2019 due to the backlash she faced from Star Wars fans.

Now, she has made an intriguing post on the platform following her return that has led some to believe she made be making a trip back to the galaxy far, far away in the not-too-distant future.

Daisy Ridley Ignites Star Wars Speculation

Star Wars sequel trilogy star Daisy Ridley posted a story to Instagram at Lucasfilm with a statue of Yoda, leading fans to excitedly wonder if it is hinting at the actress' return to the Disney franchise in the future.

Yoda statue at Lucasfilm
Star Wars

Fans like @crerrity took to Twitter to express their excitement at the potential the post indicates:

@crerrity: "Daisy??? At Lucasfilm????? Hello?"

@TheFirstOkiro brought attention to the original post but only hinted that it could mean something:

@TheFirstOkiro: "Daisy Ridley is at Lucasfilm, make of that what you will."

@CutieRidley tweeted twice about Ridley's tease, expressing anticipation but also a realistic outlook on the potential of her post:


@CutieRidley: "Watch Daisy Ridley give us another Instagram story in like three hours saying it's an old photo or that she's at Disney but not Lucasfilm or something else"

Meanwhile, @jtimsuggs expressed sheer disbelief at Ridley's post:


@GeekStrongTV used Twitter to remind fans to "stay calm," though expresses some excitement in doing so:

@GeekStrongTV: "Okay, Daisy Ridley shared this on Insta Stories… Stay calm. EVERYONE STAY CALM!!!! #StarWars  #ReturnOfRey"

@REYSKYGOAT used a reaction video to express the shock and disbelief felt upon learning Ridley was posting from Lucasfilm:

@REYSKYGOAT: "actual footage of me finding out daisy ridley’s at lucasfilm rn" [attached to the tweet is a video of an out-of-breath man gasping and collapsing against a wall]

Update: Daisy Ridley has since posted a follow-up post on her Instagram story, confirming that she did indeed visit Lucasfilm, but that it was just for a "lunch visit:"

"Nothing saucy happening, just a lunch visit, but now feeling soooooo nostalgic cause [The Rise of Skywalker] was 3 years ago"

Could Ridley Be Returning for a New Project?

If fan interpretation of Ridley's post is even bordering on the truth, this could mean exciting things for future Star Wars projects.

Both Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige have Star Wars projects with little-to-no information about them publicly available in the works. It's possible that Ridley's involvement could be in one of those mysterious upcoming works, or any of the myriad of other upcoming Star Wars properties.

Hopefully, fans can expect to see more of Rey in projects very soon. But for now, the Star Wars sequel trilogy is streaming now on Disney+.

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