Where to Watch Connected Through Blood Movie

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Connected Through Blood Movie

The recently released independent film Connected Through Blood is now available to stream, but where can it be watched?

The recently released Connected Through Blood, directed by Kamal Smith, tells a story about a young woman who ends up pregnant as the result of rape. She must then contend with her attacker who wishes to do her further harm, all while trying to protect the people she cares most about.

How to Watch Connected Through Blood

Connected Through Blood
Connected Through Blood

Connected Through Blood held its official premiere in November 2023 in Detroit, Michigan at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema (via Eventbrite).

Currently, the only place where viewers can watch Connected Through Blood appears to be on Amazon Prime. It costs $2.99 USD to rent, and to purchase the movie, it’ll set customers back $9.99 USD.

Does Tubi Have Connected Through Blood?

The popular streaming service Tubi does not currently have Connected Through Blood. But all may not be lost, as one of its stars, Monet Green Lee, took to social media to explain that the film is “coming soon on Tubi:”

“Here it is y’all!! The trailer of my new film Connected Through Blood starring my girl Makeiva “Keiva” Albritten and my homie James “King James” Perkins.. Is premiering in Detroit MI on November 17th 2023 at the Bel Air luxury Cinema and coming soon on Tubi.. see y’all there”

Tubi has not yet made an official announcement to that effect and it remains to be seen exactly when Connected Through Blood will come to the platform.

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