Charlie Cox's Daredevil Fights Echo In Official New R-Rated Trailer

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Charlie Cox's Daredevil, Echo

The most recent trailer for Echo offered fans a glimpse at the gore of the upcoming MCU series, as well as a sneak peek of Charlie Cox's Daredevil return.

This is not the first sneak peek at Matt Murdock in the show fans have gotten, with the confirmation of his appearance coming in the first trailer back in November.

After the sudden cancelation of his Netflix series years ago, Cox remained in MCU limbo as Daredevil, before his big return in Spider-Man: No Way Home at the end of 2021.

Charlie Cox Returns in Gory Glory

Echo's newest trailer demonstrated why the five-episode series will be rated TV-MA — the television equivalent of an R-rating — with a new scene featuring Charlie Cox's Daredevil.

Daredevil fighting Echo
Marvel Studios

Clad in his old red suit, as opposed to the yellow one from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Daredevil is fighting Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez with his billy clubs in a warehouse setting.

Daredevil fighting Echo
Marvel Studios

In a demonstration of the gore in the new series, behind the pair as they fight was what appeared to be a body, seemingly unconscious, leaning against the wall.

Two people are wrapping a body, surrounded by blood, with the Hulu and Disney Plus logos on top. There is a message to set your Disney Plus profile to T.V.-M.A. to stream the show.
Marvel Studios

Doubling down on what was already a fairly intense and gory minute of footage, the trailer reminded viewers to "set [their] Disney+ profile to TV-MA to stream." Behind this reminder is what appeared to be a dead body, with blood coming out of the head, possibly being wrapped up in plastic.

You can watch the full trailer below, with Daredevil briefly appearing at :42:

Will Echo Have a Hallway Fight?

If the latest Echo trailer does nothing else, it proves that there is a high chance Echo will follow in the footsteps of Netflix shows like Daredevil and Defenders by including a hallway one-shot fight sequence.

This was a type of sequence used at least once a season in Daredevil and even showed up again when the character returned in She-Hulk.

Given Echo is the MCU's first TV-MA project since the Netflix shows, it makes sense that it would take inspiration from more than just those shows' gory elements.

Further, the new trailer is shot in what appears similar to a one-shot sequence, despite there in fact being camera cuts. Whether or not this was meant as a tease for something to come remains to be seen.

All five episodes of Echo will be released on Disney+ and Hulu on January 10.

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