Sebastian Stan Jokes About Captain America 4 Return

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Captain America 4, Bucky Barnes

Can a Captain America movie succeed without Chris Evans? Well, fans are about to find out. After taking up the Cap mantle in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was announced that Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson would star in Captain America 4But many have come to wonder if Sebastian Stan (aka Bucky Barnes) will make an appearance in the upcoming sequel. 

Nothing has been officially confirmed on the Stan front; however, Sam and Bucky have become quite close after the events of their Disney+ series. Captain America 4 is being penned in part by Falcon and Winter Soldier scribe Malcolm Spellman, so all signs are pointing to the heroic pair reuniting on screen. 

And it is not as if Stan doesn't want to be in the film. In fact, according to some new quotes, he is quite eager to come back for Cap 4.

Sebastian Stan Wants in on Captain America 4

Sebastian Stan, Captain America

In an interview with Extra, Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan hinted that he would be excited at the prospect of coming back for Captain America 4

When asked if he would be making a return, Stan said he really didn't know but jokingly hopes "Anthony Mackie doesn't have any say in it" as he feels Mackie would make sure Stan doesn't join the cast:

“I don't know, I really don't know [if Bucky will return]. I really hope Anthony Mackie doesn't have any say in it. Because if he has any say in it, I'm not in ‘Captain America 4.’”

This is all before the actor professed his love for Mackie, calling him "the best."

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Bucky Has to be Back!

While nothing has been confirmed, Bucky simply has to be back for Captain America 4. The former Winter Soldier has appeared in every one of the Cap films up to this point, so it would only make sense that Steve Rogers' right-hand man is here alongside Marvel's new boy in blue. 

And it does only feel like a matter of time before Stan is announced to be back for the sequel. Looking at the actor in the above interview, one can see that Marvel secrets twinkle in his eye.

It is that same dastardly sparkle that was seen in Andrew Garfield's hazel-brown peepers for months before Spider-Man: No Way Home made its debut. Pair that with the way Stan seems to instantly break into laughter and joke about it, it surely seems that he knows more than he is leading on in this instance. 

For now, fans will have to wait until something concrete makes its way out into the world. But that will be on Marvel's watch, not in an interview for a project not even tangentially related to the MCU. 

Captain America 4 is currently in pre-production with no confirmed release date.

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