Bottoms Movie Gets Online Release Update: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Mere weeks after it hit theaters, Bottoms has seemingly been given its online release date, as some now wonder when it will come to streaming.

Emma Silgman's R-rated high school comedy became one of the breakout critical darlings of the year, currently sitting at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes

Starring Rachel Sennot and The Bear standout Ayo Edebiri, Bottoms marks Seligman's second directorial effort, focusing on a pair of queer high schoolers who start a fight club in an effort to lose their virginity. 

The movie has made a modest $9.8 million (per Box Office Mojo) at the domestic box office; however, it made that money on a limited release for much of September. 

Bottoms Gets a Digital Release Update

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Less than a month after it came to theaters, the online release date for Emma Siligman's Bottoms looks to have been revealed. 

According to a listing from Redbox (via When To Stream), the foul-mouthed MGM comedy will hit digital storefronts on Friday, September 22. 

This September 22 date has since been removed from the official Redbox website, meaning it may not be watertight.

But if it was real, it would be in line with MGM's release strategy as of late, so it feels like a solid bet the film comes to Premium Video-On-Demand (PVOD) services on that date. 

Bottoms opened in a limited theatrical release on August 25, meaning if this online release date does hit, then it will have been 28 days (four weeks exactly) since the film debuted in theaters. 

For comparison, several other recent MGM movies had fallen right around that 30-40-day window for their online releases. 

Florence Pugh's A Good Person (which came to theaters on March 31) took 45 days to come to PVOD; however, that film was given a wider theatrical release than Bottoms

Given Bottoms following this MGM pattern, fans should expect a physical release sometime in late October or early November as well. 

When and Where Will Bottoms Stream?

Now that fans seemingly know Bottoms' digital release, the biggest question left to answer is: When will the film hit streaming?

It remains unclear exactly when and where Bottoms will actually stream, at the time of writing. 

Stateside, MGM has its own streaming service, MGM+. This is the home to a large collection of TV and film produced by the studio and could be the streaming home of the R-rated comedy. 

However, MGM also is now owned by Amazon Studios, perhaps meaning the film could come to Amazon's Prime Video service like some of its recent movies have. 

If Bottoms takes the MGM+ route it could still be quite some time before it hits the streamer. MGM's A Good Person came to the service on August 31, 159 days after it opened in theaters. Following the same sort of window, that would mean Bottoms would come to the service on February 7, 2024. 

However, it seems as though the widows for MGM's films that come to Prime Video are much shorter than that. Creed III (starring Michael B. Jordan) came to the service a meager 97 days after its theatrical debut. 97 days after Bottoms' September 1 theatrical debut would be December 7. 

Seeing as Bottom will be released on Prime Video internationally "later this year" (via Film Updates), it would seem logical the film would find its streaming home on the same service stateside. 

Bottoms is now playing in theaters. 

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