Black Panther 2 Toys Reveal New Looks at Shuri, Okoye & Nakia Costumes

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Marvel's next surefire blockbuster, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, won't hit theaters until the fall, but the hotly-anticipated sequel already has fans excited. Despite having to deal with the loss of franchise lead Chadwick Boseman, the movie will introduce the classic Marvel character Namor the Submariner, as well as advance the stories of some key players like Shuri, M'Baku, and Nakia.

A trailer for Wakanda Forever was released during San Diego Comic-Con. This first look at the movie gave hints towards its plot, glimpses of Namor and fellow MCU newcomer Riri Williams, and dropped hints at who exactly would be taking up T'Challa's mantle as the Black Panther.

As with the first Black Panther movie, the world of Wakanda Forever is colorful and vibrant, with many interesting costume designs. Especially where some of the film's main characters are concerned.

Fresh Looks at Several Wakanda Forever Characters

Through various pieces of new merchandise for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, fans can get a sneak peek at what some of the movie's principal characters will be wearing. Check out the new looks for Shuri, Okoye, Nakia, Namor, and Everett Ross below:

First up, from The World of EPI (via comes three 11.5-inch dolls capturing the looks of Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye.

EPI Nakia doll
World of EPI

Shuri looks to be holding some sort of helmet with her figure.

EPI Shuiri doll
World of EPI

Okoye comes complete with her vibranium spear.

EPI Okoye doll
World of EPI

Moving on to Hasbro's Marvel Legends line of six-inch scale action figures, there's Nakia in a bright green jumpsuit. Pre-order the figure here.

Marvel Legends Nakia

Additionally, here's a look at Okoye in the armor worn by the Dora Milaje, Wakanda's Royal Guard. Pre-order the figure here.

Marvel Legends Okoye

Martin Freeman reprises his role as CIA agent Everett Ross in the upcoming sequel and can be seen below. Pre-order the figure here.

Marvel Legends Everett Ross

And Namor, leader of the undersea kingdom of Tlalocan, looks not to be trifled with. Pre-order the figure here.

Marvel Legends Namor

The next figure offers a look at Attuma who, in the comics, is an enemy of Namor. Attuma is a Build-a-Figure and each figure in this set includes a part to complete him. Pre-order the entire wave here

Marvel Legends Attuma

And finally, a comparison between Shuri's costume in Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Shuri Comparison

Return to the MCU's Wakanda in November

As mentioned above, the nation of Wakanda is a very picturesque locale in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With open fields, futuristic buildings, and expansive mountain ranges. Of course, most of that is accomplished through the magic of CGI, but what isn't done digitally is the costuming.

As clearly evidenced above, the outfits in these movies are bright and colorful, which is probably intended to illustrate the prosperity that Wakanda enjoys. It's the most technologically-advanced nation on the MCU's Earth, after all. 

Chadwick Boseman being gone does cast a certain shadow over Black Panther 2. In Marvel's eyes, the actor could never be replaced and they have moved on without him, both in real life and in-universe. The studio is keeping official confirmation of the next Black Panther's identity somewhat close to the vest, but just going off the trailer alone, it seems very likely that it is Shuri who will carry on in her late brother's role as Wakanda's protector.

Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will arrive in theaters on November 17.

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