Marvel Unveils Avengers, X-Men & Eternals Comic Crossover Event

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Marvel, Eternals, X-Men, Avengers

2021's Eternals may not have been the most well-received Marvel Studios film of all time, but it wasn't without its achievements. The family of Celestial-born beings has now entered the spotlight alongside some of the biggest superhero groups of all time. They might not be as big as the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy, but they could easily get there.

They'll certainly have competition in the coming years, however. Their ensemble isn't yet a match for the big leagues, like those mutants or the Fantastic Four—but obscure characters have taken over the stage before, so the Eternal's time could come.

Marvel is definitely aiming for that goal, at the least. The company announced its new massive summer 2022 crossover comic event, and it's set to bring together the Eternals, Avengers, and X-Men. The twist? Well, it isn't a happy gathering. Far from it.

Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals

Marvel officially announced its summer 2022 comic event, and it looks like a big one.

Titled Judgement Day, the story will see the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals face-off against each other. The announcement included a foreboding quote from X-Men adversary Irene Adler alongside it: "There will always be a war. That's the one thing one can always be sure of."

Marvel, Eternals, X-Men, Avengers

Another image included a quote from Tony Stark: "Speaking broadly, I'm pro-hubris. But... How on Earth do you think we're going to make a god in a few hours?"

Marvel, Eternals, X-Men, Avengers

In the final string of quotes, Druig takes the stage, threatening the X-Men: "For a million years, Earth has been protected from the deviants. But we made a mistake... we missed some. The Mutants.

Marvel, Eternals, Druig, Comics

This isn't the first time this event has been teased. Last December, the company first hinted at the event with a simple image stating: "Judgement day is coming."

Marvel, Eternals, X-Men, Avengers


The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals Duke It Out

Not many story details are known, but the event itself has been teased since last summer. However, Marvel does love its match-up events. From Civil War to Civil War 2 and Avengers vs. X-Men, the publishing company can't get enough.

The first foreboding quote is said by Irene Adler, a mutant who has precognition abilities—so she can see the future in a fluid, not written-in-stone kind of way. She's usually known as a villain, but Adler has been riding that gray line in recent comic storylines.

When it comes to Tony Stark's reaction to whatever this conflict will be, it seems that his course of action is quite drastic: he's looking to make a god. Given how he reacted to the precognition powers of an inhuman in Civil War 2, extreme measures are his forte. Maybe Adler's Destiny is central to the conflict, and Iron Man's goals in the events will feel reminiscent of his bouts against Carol Danvers; though, that didn't go too well for him.

Then there's Druig, whose harsh quote can almost be heard in Barry Keoghan's voice. The character is far further on the evil scale than he was in the recent Eternals film, and it seems that something about the mutants pissed him off. But why now and not hundreds of years ago? Or even decades? 

It makes perfect sense for Marvel to want to capitalize on the synergy between their brands, so involving the Eternals in a landscape-altering comic event is the obvious move. Maybe this means that the MCU could also be getting its first mutants in the near future.

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