Marvel Producer Teases How Avengers 5 Will Succeed Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame was one of the biggest films of this generation. In fact, many would consider it a once-in-a-lifetime event. It brought a story, which was built over the course of twenty films, to a grand, satisfying conclusion. Such an endeavor was completely unheard of—especially since they nailed the landing.

There are a seemingly endless amount of announced projects in the works at Marvel Studios. However, not a single one of them is an Avengers film. In fact, Kevin Feige teased that fans likely won't get an Avengers 5 until 2024, give or take some time on either end.

But what can fans expect when the franchise returns? There are certain expectations in place, especially after something like Endgame. Can the next Avengers film possibly hope to succeed what that film pulled off? Does it even need to aim that high? Let's see what a big-time Marvel Studios producer has to say on the matter.

How Can Avengers 5 Succeed Endgame?

Avengers 5

In a conversation with, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore commented on what the future of the Avengers films could hold for fans.

Moore teases that they could "build towards [one]," or even just provide "a standalone Avengers movie:"

"I think we can have it either way if we want... we could build towards it or we could just say, 'Hey, here's a standalone Avengers movie.' And I think as long as the story was strong and interesting enough people will come and see it."

Though the producer does admit that they enjoy "build[ing] towards things," and "spread[ing] breadcrumbs:"

"We're kind of nerds, so we like to build towards things and we like to spread breadcrumbs and see where they come. I think audiences also want to be surprised so to some degree, we don't want to say, you saw that trick, let's do that trick again. What's the new way to surprise people? If and when we did an Avengers movie, what would be the funnest version of that?"

When it comes to trumping what Endgame did, how does Marvel go bigger? "Is the universe going to collapse," asks Moore, or will there be an "Avengers movie that gets to be smaller:"

"How do you go the opposite and make the stakes really personal and small, because what's bigger than Endgame? I mean, how do we make the stakes bigger than that? Is the universe going to collapse? I don't know. Or is there another way… oh, here's a really clever Mission: Impossible style Avengers movie that gets to be smaller. Again, all ideas we can play with, but I do feel like the door is a bit open and audiences would be kind of game to follow us."

Is it Possible for Avengers 5 to Reach Infinity Saga Heights?

Despite an odd vagueness when it comes to the existence of a future ensemble movie, everyone knows one is coming. The only thing in question is when exactly it will arrive; well, that and who it is going to focus on, of course.

The obvious choice is Jonathan Majors Kang the Conqueror, who was first shown in Loki's finale as He Who Remains, the better of Kang's variants. Fans are set to see the real Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which will be the character's next appearance.

Kang is one of the Avenger's biggest villains, and with all the recent focus on timelines, he is the literal perfect choice for the job. There's another group that he may go up against instead: the Young Avengers. 

There have been lots of rumblings about a Young Avengers project, one which could even be a Disney+ streaming show. While it wouldn't be one of the mainstay films, it would scratch that ensemble itch many fans have and would build a new team of heroes to root for.

It is noteworthy that the one example Moore gave of a bigger Endgame event would be "the universe... collapse[ing]." Quite a peculiar example, as that is very likely what the MCU is building towards. But how far down the line is the real question. After all, the fans don't even have Doctor Doom yet.

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