The CW's Final Arrowverse Spin-off Show Gets Release Announcement (Official)

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The release plans for the final Arrowverse-adjacent spin-off series, Superman & Lois, were officially revealed.

Since 2021, Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch have wowed viewers as the ultimate comic book power couple: Clark Kent and Lois Lane on CW’s Superman & Lois.

The series boasts strong performances and dazzling, television-scale special effects. Still, in Summer 2023, the network announced it was time to bid farewell to TV’s designated Man of Steel as the show was renewed for its fourth and final season (read all about Superman & Lois’ upcoming fourth season here).

CW Boss Offers Big Superman & Lois Release Update

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The CW

At CW’s Television Critics Association panel, network president Brad Schwartz spoke on the release plans for the outgoing DC series Superman & Lois (via Deadline). 

According to Schwartz, Superman & Lois would be “wasted” were it to air in the summer, implying that it would be a part of CW‘s fall lineup. Schwartz believes that the popular program has the potential to sit side by side, ratings-wise, with hit shows on other networks.

As overblown as Schwartz’s assumption may be, there may still be a chance for Superman & Lois’ final run of episodes to pack a serious punch.

Schwartz then teased that he’s “watched the first episode” and that it “will make you cry,” saying that the premiere will tug at fans‘ heartstrings more than a little bit.

Presently, beyond Schwartz’s claims that Superman & Lois will air in the fall, no official release date has been set for Season 4. The show’s shooting schedule was a casualty of the 2023 Hollywood strikes, hence the delayed debut. 

As many know, Superman & Lois represents the last gasp of the Arrowverse, the once flourishing slate of superhero dramas broadcast by CW. Since 2020, each of these interconnected shows has either ended on their own momentum or was outright canceled.

What Could Superman & Lois Season 4 Look Like?

So, with its return window roughly set, what will Superman & Lois’ last season look like?

The short answer: A lot less crowded. As part of seemingly severe budget cuts suffered by the show (perhaps due to CW being under new ownership), most cast members were served their walking papers and will either not appear in Season 4 or have reduced roles.

This sort of monkey’s paw style outcome weighs heavily on the hearts of the show’s fanbase; the series was renewed in the face of a fair amount of adversity (shifting priorities at CW, DC media as a whole in a state of major transition). Still, it will not be the same as it was.

The roles of the core four series regulars, Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Alex Garfin, and Michael Bishop, all remain intact, meaning that Clark’s immediate family will be there for the fallout of his fateful, Season 3-ending battle with Doomsday.

Superman has long been a beacon of hope, and his stalwart fans should not lose hope that a quality portrayal of the Metropolis Marvel will soon grace screens once again, even if Tyler Hoechlin won’t play him.

James Gunn’s Superman will hit theaters on July 11, 2025 (find out everything there is to know about Gunn’s Superman film here).

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