Who Is Amotti from Physical: 100? 4 Things to Know About the Athlete

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Amotti Physical 100

Amotti is one of the athletes participating in Season 2 of Netflix's Physical: 100

The competitive reality show follows 100 athletes as they participate in a series of strength, endurance, and teamwork challenges for a chance to win $240,000. 

Based in South Korea, the Korean language streaming hit became an international sensation with its first season, prompting the pursuit of a Season 2 which is now streaming on Netflix. 

4 Fun Facts About Physical: 100’s Amotti

Amotti in Physical 100

Amotti’s Real Name is Kim Jae Hong

Going by Amotti in his physical pursuits both on and off-screen, the six-foot-tall bodybuilder's real name is Kim Jae Hong. 

Kim is a world-renowned bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete, and competitor worldwide (sometimes as Kim Jae Hong and sometimes as Amotti). 

He is internationally ranked on the competitive Crossfit leaderboard, peaking at 24th in the Asian men's division in 2018 and 727th on the global ranking in 2020. 

Amooti (a.k.a. Kim Jae Hong) is a South Korean native and has lived there his entire life. 

He is 31-years-old (born on November 9, 1992). 

Amotti’s Go-To Gym Is Sweat on Seoul

Fans looking to pump some iron with Amotti can do so at his gym of choice: Sweat on Seoul

Living in the South Korean capital, the Physical: 100 contestant has planted his flag in the Suseo-dong ward establishment. 

He posts frequently on his Instagram while working out at Sweat on Seoul, using the space as his fitness and training hub for competitions. 

And Amotti is not the only one. Several other Physical: 100 competitors, including Yung Sung Bin (who appeared in Season 1), also call Sweat on Seuol home. 

The Seoul-based fitness facility has become a bit of a hub for CrossFit and bodybuilding content creators and is owned by Physical: 100 Season 1 athlete Caro who is famous for his online presence.

Amotti Entered the Show Me the Body Competition

Before appearing on Physical: 100 Season 2, Amotti participated in the renowned Show Me Your Body bodybuilding competition. 

While he did not end up winning, he called the experience one with "no regrets."

He posted about the competition on his personal Instagram page, describing the "ups and downs" of the process, and thanking his fans for all the support (as translated from Korean to English):

"End of show me the body after ups and downs.

'No matter what the result is, let’s do it without regret' was the goal

No regrets in the process, so I can’t wait for the results. 아직도 꿈같다.

Masunho for making a wonderful personal frame, thank you very much


Joining the beginning and ending of this challenge

IFBB pro Kim Young Kyu

Thank you very much

If it wasn’t for the permanent, there wouldn’t be me either.

Thank you very much for all of you who have been with me."

Amotti Posts Workout Videos on YouTube

Like many of his fellow CrossFit and bodybuilding personalities, Amotti has a large presence on YouTube. 

The fitness creator posts frequent workout videos on the platform, showing subscribers the effort he puts into maintaining the physical form he has worked hard to achieve and maybe providing some workout inspiration for curious onlookers. 

Amotti also likes to share vlog-style and travel content, showing off parts of his daily life living in Korea and his many travels around Asia and the rest of the world for competitions or otherwise. 

He has over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, with his biggest videos hitting over a million views. 

How To Follow Amotti Online

Fans looking to keep up to date with Amotti can follow him online on Instagram or YouTube.

Physical: 100 Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.  

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