Marvel’s Avengers Reveals First Look at Natalie Portman-Inspired Thor Skin

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Mighty Thor Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix's Avengers game has had its fair share of ups and downs ever since its release, but one thing that has been consistent is the studio's release of outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the fact that Avengers ​​​​​​launched without these MCU-inspired outfits at first, the movie-accurate cosmetics instantly became a fan favorite. 

Some good examples include Black Widow's outfit and a bearded Steve Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War, along with the late Chadwick Boseman's MCU costume from Black Panther. Recently, Square Enix took it to the next level by paying tribute to Iron Man's death in Avengers: Endgame, adding a movie-accurate Tony Stark with a damaged nanotech suit with six Infinity Stones attached to his right glove. 

Now, another impressive addition to the superhero simulation game has emerged online.

Mighty Thor Takes the Video Game Spotlight 

Square Enix officially revealed the first look at its new MCU-inspired Mighty Thor skin for Marvel's Avengers, which is based on Natalie Portman's heroine from Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder.

Mighty Thor

The new skin features the movie-accurate costume of the MCU's Mighty Thor while wielding Mjolnir. 

Thor comparison

The announcement can be seen below:

"She's bringing the rainbow.

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Mighty Thor's "Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder" Outfit shows Jane Foster ready to kick butt across the galaxy. She'll figure out the catchphrase later. Available tomorrow in the Marketplace!"

It's Now Thor 4's Turn to Shine in Marvel's Avengers 

It seems that Square Enix is not yet done adding more MCU-inspired content to its Avengers game. 

This latest new cosmetic is a fitting addition since Mighty Thor was recently added to its roster of playable characters. Having the chance to fight enemies dressed as Natalie Portman's Marvel hero would be exciting, especially considering that Jane Foster in Avengers is confirmed to possess new abilities, such as All Mother's Blessing and Overcharge. 

While this new offering from Square Enix is a step in the right direction for some players, it still doesn't change the fact that the developers' attempt to build a solid fanbase has apparently led to disappointment. Still, adding cosmetics inspired by the MCU should continue to give more reasons for players to try and play the game in the coming months. 

It's possible that more playable characters will be added to the game that could potentially join Mighty Thor and Spider-Man in its expansive roster. For now, players can still create exciting moments through various in-game campaigns while adding an MCU flavor to their adventures. 

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