Marvel's Avengers Tells Players to Delete Campaign to Solve In-Game Issue

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Marvels Avengers Bug Delete Save

Things have been relatively quiet on the Marvel's Avengers front as of late, but that is the last thing a studio wants when they are working on a live-service game. Developer Crystal Dynamics has assured devoted fans that more content would come to the title; however, the last big move made by the studio was putting Spider-Man into the game last fall.

Avengers has had an uphill battle since the game was released. It launched with a myriad of bugs, a lack of endgame content, and a take on iconic Marvel characters that had some fans up in arms. 

The dev team has recovered some ground in the time since its release, putting out multiple expansions, new characters, as well as cosmetic add-ons pulled straight out of the MCU. 

But a new problem has sprung up for the game that has Crystal Dynamics offering an interesting solution. 

Delete Your Marvel's Avengers Save

Marvel's Avengers Game Characters

A new bug discovered in the PlayStation 5 version of Marvel's Avengers has fans deleting their campaign progress as a workaround. 

The bug causes stuttering and a crash upon loading into the game. A few hours after the issue came to light the Avenger team tweeted out saying they were "investigating the issue," saying gamers could "reset [their] campaign progress" as a temporary solution:

"Our team is continuing to investigate the issue causing a crash for some PS5 players. We think we've identified a fix that is currently being implemented/tested. We hope to have more news by tomorrow morning and will continue to keep you updated. In the meantime, here's a workaround that is resolving the issue for some players - just note that it will reset your campaign progress."

Crystal Dynamics has released a fix as of the time of writing, however, there are still reports of players encountering the issue:

"We have released an update on PS5 that addresses the crash issue that some players have been having. Please let us know if you continue to have the problem."

Avengers Cannot Catch a Break

For a game that has had a bumpy road up to this point, this is surely only going to make the frustrated fan even more frustrated. What should have been the ultimate Avengers game has turned into a bit of a punchline amongst the gaming community. 

This may be the first time a developer has publicly told gamers to delete their progress in order to get past a bug that rendered a game unplayable. Sure, this ask isn't as big of a deal in Marvel's Avengers, as campaign and multiplayer progress are two separate things. With Avengers' focus on live-service elements (separate from the campaign), this means gamers wouldn't actually be losing that much, but it is still shocking as it comes across the Twitter timeline. 

Now, the bug has been fixed, but this incident only adds more red to the ledger of a title that is already so reviled by many. At this point, it feels like there is no way to truly salvage this game. 

With a contingent of the Crystal Dynamics team now helping Microsoft on The Initiative's Perfect Dark, it may be time to cut their losses and officially sunset Avengers before this shaky foundation crumbles even further. 

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