Marvel's Avengers Reveals First Look at Infinity War-Inspired Captain America Outfit

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Captain America, Avengers Infinity War, Marvels Avengers Game Skin Suit

Marvel's Avengers remains a bit of a black sheep in the Marvel Games stable. The 2020 multiplayer project was released to less than stellar reviews, citing a lack of end game content, unfamiliar designs/voices for the heroes, and glitches galore.

The shakiness of the launch has certainly subsided. However, even with the team at Crystal Dynamics adjusting their content roadmap multiple times to ensure things were stable, the game has yet to reach the heights publisher Square Enix thought it would. 

Since August 2020, Avengers has seen plenty of new things for players to do and see. A drip-feed of new heroes, a recent full-on expansion including a whole new corner of the Marvel universe opening up in the title, and various costumes and cosmetics have kept the remaining player base somewhat satisfied. 

A recent trend seen in the aforementioned costumes and cosmetics has seen MCU looks for the various heroes making their way into the digital frontier. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Cap have all received a number of movie-accurate suits for gamers to indulge in. 

And it seems that this wave of cinematic looks is not stopping...

Cap Gets His Infinity War Look

Update: Square Enix publicly unveiled the first official look at the Steve Rogers MCU-inspired skin on Wednesday:

Steve Rogers Avengers: Infinity War
Square Enix

According to the latest Marvel's Avengers marketplace email, Captain America's Avengers: Infinity War costume is coming to the game as a purchasable cosmetic.

Captain america, Avengers: Infinity War
Square Enix

The IW looks seemingly comes beard and all, with Cap sporting the iconic blacked-out suit seen in the film. 

Captain america, Avengers: Infinity War


How Deep Does the Cosmetic Hole Go?

For those that are still playing Marvel's Avengers, getting a fan-favorite look like this will surely be welcome news. And for the hundreds of gamers that have hopped off the Avengers bandwagon, well, it is rather unlikely that an announcement such as this will get them to hop back in. 

Crystal Dynamic's comic book baby is in a precarious spot right now. While the team going back to the MCU well and transitioning a get-up from the big screen to their digital marketplace appears to be a bi-weekly occurrence, one has to ask how long can this go on? At some point, they are literally going to run out of cinematic fodder to tickle players' nostalgia bones with. 

Avengers did recapture a chunk of its player base when the War for Wakanda expansion that launched in August of this year, and it even had a bit of positive sentiment going for it for the first time in what seemed like months. However, the title does seem like a bit of a lost cause at this point.

The development team has a roadmap in place for the foreseeable future, but once they get through that and once Spider-Man finally makes his debut in the game, what is next? They have said there will be more after the Web-Head, but who knows at this point?

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