Fortnite Leak Reveals Terminator & Sarah Connor Skins For Season 5

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
Terminator Fortnite

Fortnite is currently in the midst of its fifth season since the chapter two reboot of the popular battle royale world. The ongoing season has displayed a running theme of bringing “great hunters” from across the multiverse into the world in the form of new skins and cosmetics as they join Agent Jonesy's mission to save the world.

The season launched with Star Wars' The Mandalorian joining the battle , and has since been followed with gaming and film icons from a variety of franchises, the biggest of which have included God of War 's Kratos , DC's Green Arrow, and even the Predator.

A slew of leaks over recent weeks have hinted toward even more characters joining the world before Season 5 reaches its dramatic conclusion on March 15, which is sure to include a massive live event — in classic Fortnite fashion .


An accidental listing on the PlayStation store in some regions has seemingly revealed the first look at Sarah Connor and T-800 skins from the popular Terminator franchise, which are likely to be released in the very near future.

This seems to confirm that Terminator will be the next franchise to join the Fortnite world, as many had speculated based on the most recent audio transmission tease released on various official Fortnite social accounts.


Epic Games are clearly aiming to turn Fortnite into the Super Smash Bros of pop culture, pulling in characters from across a variety of worlds. This is something that has always existed with Fortnite, dating back to the original 'Thanos Mode' crossover which was released alongside Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. However, the crossover-oriented nature of Fortnite has been more prominent than ever with the latest season, as almost every new skin has pulled from a totally different world.

Some leaks have suggested a Lara Croft skin from the Tomb Raider franchise may also be on its way based on data-mined information. Speculation such as this seems to indicate the crossover trend is showing no signs of slowing down — something which is sure to anger many classic Fortnite fans who often prefer when the franchise focuses on original designs.

Fortnite is available now for free on nearly every platform except the Apple and Google Play stores (pending the ongoing lawsuit).

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