Star Wars Comes To Fortnite With The Mandalorian & Grogu In Season 5 Trailer

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Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Fortnite Season 5 Thumbnail

It has been more than three years since Fortnite's initial launch and the project from Epic Games continues to be a multimedia cash cow. The battle royale game has seen crossovers from all over the pop culture, with everything from The Rise of Skywalker footage debuting in game last fall, to a digital concert featuring hip-hop star Travis Scott. There seems to be no rules for the cartoony shooter-builder and no places that the Epic Games team is not willing to go.

Fortnite just concluded its fourth season of chapter two, which tied into the Marvel comic universe, and ended in a world altering battle between players and the planet consuming villain Galactus . While rumors have been swirling for a while as to where Fortnite will go, fans finally have at least some answers.


It has been confirmed in a new trailer that debuted on Fortnite's official YouTube channel that characters from The Mandalorian will be making their way into the ever popular battle royale as a part of the Fortnite Chapter Two S eason 5 Battle Pass. The trailer shows off skins of "heroes from all realities" that include Mando himself, a Baby Yoda (or Grogu) companion, as well as a Gladiator named Menace, a pancake cowboy named Mancake, Mave a shape shifting barbarian warrior, and a few others.

The Chapter Two Season 5 Zero Point event, which includes this battle pass, goes from now until March 15, 2021.

Check out the Season 5 Zero Point Story trailer below:


This is very exciting news for those who are still hopping on the battle bus, looking for those sweet victory royales. Epic Games does not seem to be slowing down on their uber popular game, and why would they? It is bigger than it has ever been.

Now, if past seasons of Fortnite are to be any indication, this is only the start. The game has dipped its toe in the Star Wars water before and now it is time for them to go all in. We have just seen what they can do with a true tie in with this past Marvel season , the potential for a full-on season centered around a galaxy far far away could be something special.

It may be early to think about with this season's end already, with Chapter Two Season 5 capping off on March 15th, 2021, but could fans get an epic Star Wars themed season-ending event. Perhaps a Death Star showing up in the sky, a trench run and a giant explosion to finish things off. Really, the possibilities are endless. Last year we got a taste of what Star Wars x Fortnite could look like, this next season is time for Epic to realize a full scale crossover could and should be.

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