Fortnite Galactus: What Happened During the Marvel Event

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Fortnite Galactus event

To close out Fortnite 's latest season, Nexus War, the game announced a special event where characters could take on the massive Marvel villain, Galactus. The game has featured similar events in the past, but this finale brought the exciting gameplay of Fortnite to another level. The event took place on Tuesday, December 1st at about 4 PM EST.


The Galactus Event turned out to be quite the spectacle, with appearances from various Marvel characters, new cutscenes, and unique styles of gameplay.

The event started with Galactus himself appearing on the horizon, ominously stepping forward and destroying the floating helicarrier. Iron Man showed up in time to rescue players, providing a jetpack and sending them out to take on Galactus. Cutting to first-person POV, the game then placed players in a Battle Bus. Players could control the bus, flying around and shooting at Galactus.

Other Marvel characters, including Thor and Wolverine, made appearances through brief cutscenes, helping to take down the fearsome foe.

The event also featured a brief homage to the classic trench run scene from Star Wars , with players flying the Battle Bus up and around Galactus's arm. Eventually, players were sucked into Galactus himself, destroying him in a massive explosion of energy. The game then cut to black, offering a brief tease at the future of Fortnite with a shot a suited-up Jonesy on what looked like the floor of an office.

While we don't know exactly what this means for the future of the game, we were provided a "To Be Continued" notice, with a screen teasing Fortnite: Season Five and a new reveal at about 12 AM EST.

Watch the full event below:


While the tease accompanying the event is somewhat nebulous, it does indicate a few things about the future of Fortnite . For one thing, the bellowing alarm seems to indicate that all is not well after the massive explosion accompanying Galactus' demise. Players can likely expect some significant changes to the in-game map, with some locations possibly destroyed or damaged.

The game will also likely drop the Marvel focus, recenter on the core Fortnite gameplay and aesthetic. Even so, we have already seen a glimpse of a new Mandalorian skin , so the game may continue with some smaller crossover elements, possibly with more Star Wars content to come.

The higher stakes of this Fortnite event are also interesting, possibly pointing towards a more dynamic and exciting future for in-game events.

No matter what comes next for the game, it is likely to continue the fun moments and solid gameplay loop players have come to expect. Season 5 starts on Wednesday, December 2, so make sure to ready up for what looks to be another thrilling season.

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