Fortnite Leak Reveals The Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Skins For New Season

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Din Djarin, Fortnite Battle Arena

The Mandalorian Season 2 has been the main topic among Star Wars fans in the past weeks, and the hype will dial up even further due to the looming arrival of Ahsoka Tano in the next episode. The success of the Jon Favreau-created Star Wars series has been well-documented in the past year, with The Mandalorian winning multiple Emmy awards while also nabbing the title of Fall's most anticipated returning TV show. 

Given the show's impressive debut season run and continued dominance in Season 2, it's no secret that Disney and Lucasfilm are maximizing The Mandalorian not just on Disney+, but on other platforms as well. Along with the sophomore run of The Mandalorian, a digital show in the form of Mando Mondays was created to highlight a wide array of merchandise centered on the core characters of the series. 

Not only that, Xbox recently teamed-up with Disney+ to provide streaming access for Ultimate Game Pass members, just in time for the current Season 2 run of The Mandalorian. And now, a new tie-in opportunity for The Mandalorian has surfaced online. 


Twitter user and Fortnite leaker Fort Tory shared several skin bundles of the upcoming fifth season of Epic Games' famous battle royale game, and a notable inclusion was Mando and The Child from the hit Star Wars show, The Mandalorian

Along with the leak, a new trailer also surfaced online, courtesy of ShiinaBR, and it showed a brand new feature in the form of Fortnite Crew. The feature is a new subscription service that gives access to exclusive skins, an included battle pass and more.



Fortnite's biggest selling point during the game's fourth season is the abundance of superhero additions from Marvel and just recently, DC. Based on this new leak, it looks like the scale of Fortnite will be higher (literally) due to the imminent arrival of Mando and Baby Yoda into the fold. 

This leaked skin bundle should bode well for diehard Star Wars fans since they will be given an opportunity to portray the famous bounty hunter alongside the franchise's crown jewel in the form of Baby Yoda.

This addition will be far different from last year's Fortnite X Star Wars event and last May's Star Wars Day celebration from Epic Games, since lightsabers will not be the primary weapon this time around. Instead, players will get the chance to wield Mando's blaster on the battlefield in order to eliminate opponents. 

Whether this leak is true or not, it still presents an exciting development for fans of both Fortnite and The Mandalorian. Given the latter's continued dominance on Disney+, it wouldn't be surprising to hear a confirmation from Epic Games sooner rather than later. 

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