Fortnite Brings Back Iconic Halo Map, Master Chief Return For Season 5

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Halo Infinite has started to generate excitement around its release once again, following its disappointing delay back in August. The game was originally billed as an Xbox Series X and Series S launch title, and Microsoft even went as far as placing the franchise icon Master Chief on the back of the Series X box. Halo Infinite now has a set release date of Fall 2021 , and recent releases from 343 Industries have shown new screenshots from the game. This included the first peek at a multiplayer map, which has given fans a better look at what to expect from the new release.

Fortnite has similarly gone from strength to strength in recent weeks. The ending of the Nexus War season for the game saw players take on Galactus in a showdown for the ages , including thousands of battle-bus' teaming up with Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor to take down the giant enemy. Following the event, players were introduced to a whole new season, including map updates, new weapons, and updated battle-pass rewards, including Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian , and his right-hand man Grogu (Baby Yoda).

Epic Games confirmed previously that the God of War legend Kratos would be included in the game, and following many rumors, it looks as if the Xbox kingpin will be getting the same treatment.


In a segment during The Game Awards, Epic Games has revealed that Master Chief — star of the award-winning Halo franchise — would be coming to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode in the form of a skin. You can check out the teaser trailer for Master Chief below, as well as a number of other heroes coming to Fortnite.

Master Chief is available in the Fortnite store tonight, and can be seen available to purchase below,

The Game Awards

Along with the announcement of the return of Master Chief, Epic Games also revealed that the Blood Gultch map would be available in Fortnite's creative mode. The map is synonymous with the Halo franchise and will be receiving a new update to improve the graphics once again.

Blood Gultch
The Game Awards


Epic Games has drastically switched up their strategy for the Battle Pass over the years. When first released, Fortnite tempted to pay homage to popular dances, music, and trends throughout the world, however seemed to stray away from directly acknowledging its original source. A lawsuit case filed against Epic Games last year seems to have forced their hand, and with each season, more familiar content is included within the game, even direct snippets from popular chart music . Fortnite seems to be ticking off names from a list with their additions to the game, with multiple high-profile skins becoming available in the last few weeks.

Whilst the delay of Halo Infinite left a sour taste in the mouth for fans of the franchise, it's great to see that some new Halo- related content will be playable over the holidays, even if that is within a completely different game. When rumors first started to circulate surrounding Master Chief's addition to the game, many fans wondered whether the pack would be released as an Xbox exclusive. If Epic Games are to follow the trend set with the release of the Kratos skin however, Master Chief will be available on all platforms, including for the first time, PlayStation and Nintendo.

Fortnite is available for free now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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