Halo Infinite Release Date Set For Fall 2021

By Klein Felt Updated:
Master Chief

Halo Infinite has already had a bumpy journey in its lead up to release, being pushed from the Xbox Series X 2020 launch lineup , and having a lead director on the game leave just a few weeks ago.

Fans have been a little lukewarm on the game since gameplay was first revealed in July of this year. It has been rumored that the game was just being polished and would see release some time next Spring ; however the hope of the game coming out any time soon seems to be fading.


343 Industries has announced that Halo Infinite will ship in Fall 2021. The game's original launch was planned for Holiday 2020, but was pushed back to 2021 in August.

In the annoucement 343 also detailed certain aspects of the game including graphics, art and customization. The team also confirmed the game's multiplayer would be free to play.


Another blow to what Microsoft has been hoping would be the killer project for the Xbox Series X/S. This game was originally supposed to sell on the new Xbox's Day One. Fans were supposed to take home their new matte black monoliths and fire up Master Chief's latest adventure, but that did not happen. By the time the newest Halo installment is on the screens of gamers across the world, it'll be close to a year after it what was originally promised.

The fact that a lead director left just weeks ago either means the game was pretty much done, or far from it. It was speculated by some outlets that it was the former rather that the latter, with a Spring 2021 release looking like a promising prospect. This news, however, confirms that the game is not as far along as many had hoped. It may just be a few more months to wait, but gamers should not be surprised if this is the second in a few delays for Inifinte .

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