Disney+ X-Men Reboot First Look Announcement Date Revealed

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Phase 4 has brought plenty of expansion to the MCU, most notably with the introduction of the Multiverse. Marvel Studios also made the jump to Disney+ with at the start of this new phase, opening the doors to new storytelling opportunities, including the world of animation - something which has been a staple of the comic book world for decades.

The MCU began its animated push with What If...?, and it will soon expand further with Marvel ZombiesSpider-Man: Freshman Year, and X-Men '97. The original X-Men animated series from the '90s stands among the most iconic superhero series of all time, and one that many current fans grew up with. Now, it will soon be revived for the modern generation.

Almost every member of the X-Men cast will be returning for the series which is set to premiere its ten-episode first season in mid-2023. The series was first announced with a logo at Disney+ Day 2021, and Marvel Studios is finally gearing up to deliver the first look soon.

X-Men '97 Sets Exclusive Look Plans

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The official calendar for San Diego Comic-Con confirmed Marvel Studios will hold a 1 hour, 30 minutes panel on Friday, July 22 at 11:45 am, offering a deep dive into its animated projects. The description promises an exclusive look at several upcoming Disney+ animated series, including X-Men '97.

X-Men '97 was announced on Disney+ Day 2021 as a revival of the fan-favorite classic X-Men animated series. The panel will deliver the first look at the series, which may entail footage, concept art, or both, possibly along with new announcements and release details.

Anything shown will likely be exclusive to those attending the panel, with official online coverage limited to news and descriptions.

What Will X-Men '97 Show at Comic-Con?

With Marvel Studios promising an exclusive look at X-Men '97 for Comic-Con, there's no doubt that will entail some amount of footage being shown. This will offer the first look at the returning characters and voice actors, new storylines, and a clear vision of how Disney intends to modernize the classic show and animation style.

Given just how popular the X-Men animated series was in the '90s, fans are naturally eager to ensure Marvel Studios does justice to the show's history. It's safe to say the studio is off to a good start with that goal as it brings the classic voice actors back to their original roles.

Back in the day, the original animated series incorporated many of the biggest mutant storylines such as "Days of Future Past" and "The Phoenix Saga." With 25 years having passed since X-Men concluded, Marvel Comics has naturally pumped out a plethora of mutant adventures that may be adapted, "House of M" being chief among them.

There's no telling what Marvel Studios has planned for X-Men '97, but things ought to become much clearer in the coming weeks. X-Men '97 has already been confirmed for a ten-episode first season, so there will be plenty of action to look forward to when the series premieres on Disney+ in mid-2023.

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