WandaVision Tricked Fans With Green Screen Filming of a Major Location

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Believe it or not, most massive Marvel set pieces are not real.

Everything from SHIELD's iconic helicarrier to the floating nation of Sokovia is created using green screen technology and post-production magic. While some CGI backgrounds look spotty (Odin in Norway from Thor: Ragnarok comes to mind), most are so polished they go unnoticed by viewers.


Wanda Maximoff may have been working her spells on screen, but she might have given the post-production team a few pointers.

As revealed in a new featurette from SSVFX, WandaVision used green screen magic in far more frames than what was obvious to the naked eye.

Marvel Studios

As seen above, the show's living room only extended a little beyond the rug, with much of the depth being created via green screens.

Marvel Studios

More images from the 1980s-themed episode showcase Wanda Maximoff alongside her twins.

Marvel Studios

Post-production magic once again creates a background for the Maximoff family home.

Marvel Studios

Even behind the couch, green screens were used to create the full living room.

Marvel Studios

Once again, Marvel Studios' trickery generates a flawless setting undetected by viewers.

Marvel Studios

A preview of the VFX magic can be watched below:



Was convincing the world it didn't exist.

With larger-than-life destructive events taking place inside the fantastical Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is expected that the studio would heavily use CGI in their projects. While computer-generated images are usually utilized to construct impossible locations, the technology has become so spotless that everyday objects and familiar devices can be produced and undetected by audiences.

Before the 21st century, CGI and green screen technology were so expensive that most major motion pictures could only squeeze a scene or two dominated by post-production magic into its budget. The technology is so advanced in today's entertainment age that it is often cheaper to fabricate sets with green screens than actually build them by hand. 

And it's not just Marvel Studios creating authentic locations out of nothing but emerald drapes and Adobe Premiere. Zack Snyder's Justice League used green screens propped up in the director's driveway to create the famous Knightmare epilogue scene, one of the most popular moments from the film. 

WandaVision's lone season is now streaming in full, exclusively on Disney+.

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