WandaVision Fans Spot Continuity Change From Captain America: Civil War Scene

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for WandaVision "Episode 8"

It feels like it's been forever since fans have gotten some new MCU content. Because of this, they are more starved than usual for a new Marvel project, but Marvel Studios' WandaVision is an excellent first piece of the long-awaited Phase 4 pie.

The first MCU Disney+ series has demanded audiences' full attention through each episode with all the great callbacks and minute details, and the most recent installment of the show was no different . But now that the MCU is back in full-swing, fans are noticing that not all the details are as they should be.

After WandaVision's eighth episode gave audiences a look back on the life of Wanda Maximoff, fans were quick to notice that certain elements appeared differently than the first time they were shown in the MCU.


In WandaVision's look back at the Avengers compound not long after the events of Age of Ultron , Agatha shows Wanda a memory in which she is watching TV in her bedroom before Vision would later appear and console her as she grieves the loss of her twin brother, Pietro.

Wanda Maximoff bedroom, WandaVision
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However, as noted by eagle-eyed fans on social media, the bedroom itself looks quite different in this flashback scene than it did in its first MCU appearance in 2016's Captain America: Civil War . All of Wanda's belongings are arranged similarly, but the objects themselves all seem to have changed.

Wanda Maximoff Bedroom, Captain America Civil War
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A full set photo from Civil War gives a better look at Wanda's room, showing that even the windows and the area rug are slightly different between the two MCU projects.

Wanda Bedroom set photo, Captain America Civil War
Marvel Studios


At first glance, the bedroom seen in WandaVision's flashback seems much more like a guest bedroom, which is probably because Wanda had only been in it for a short time when this conversation with Vision transpired. After all, Wanda probably wouldn't have been worried about redecorating the room she just moved into while grieving her brother's death.

It would make sense that, after some time passes, Wanda would have started making the Avengers compound more like home, which is probably why the room looks so much cozier when Captain America: Civil War takes place.

However, not that much time passes between the second Avengers flick and Captain America's third solo outing. Considering Tony Stark didn't even move the Avengers to this campus until the end of Age of Ultron, it's a bit unreasonable to believe that Wanda would switch out every single item in a bedroom that had most likely never been used.

Even Wanda's TV set is different in Civil War , which actually looks like a bit of a downgrade from the one that she and Vision watched as Malcom in the Middle played in her flashback.

Wanda, Vision watch TV, Avenger HQs, WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Nevertheless, everything from the bed frame and nightstands to the walls and windows changed by the time Civil War took place, indicating that Wanda's room may not be shown in WandaVision exactly the way it really was.


So, was this a continuity error? It's certainly possible, and a likely case considering Civil War came out five years ago. It may have been difficult to find every furnishing that was used in the earlier MCU project, forcing the WandaVision set designers to make do with what they could find.

However, while each and every item in the Scarlet Witch's room changes between the flashback that Agatha shows to Wanda and the scene in Civil War , the items themselves are arranged almost exactly the same, and certain elements such as the overhanging lights and the walls share too similar and unique of a design for it to be a coincidence.

This may just be another fun way of WandaVision director Matt Shakman toying with how the human mind remembers things, getting the general happenings correct while not recalling every small detail perfectly. If Wanda has suppressed these memories for so many years, it would make sense that not all the less impactful details would appear exactly how they once were.

Or, this could indicate that Agatha's methods may not be perfect. Despite honing her craft for centuries, Agatha explained that she had to learn everything that she knows and that it took years of practice to get it right. Perhaps the details within the memories that Agatha projects may not come out exactly how they were initially simply because her use of this spell was less than perfect.


Although not everything in the MCU can be recalled perfectly, it looks like other upcoming projects such as Loki will go to great lengths to recall specific Marvel memories as perfectly as possible . This slip-up in continuity could indicate that although Agatha seems like one of the more powerful characters to appear in the MCU, she may still have her weak spots.

It's only fair to assume that this trek through Wanda's sorrow isn't a tour that Agatha takes people on very often, so this could imply that her own magic will be less than perfect in other areas she seldom explores as well — like combat, perhaps.

The eighth episode of WandaVision left fans hanging off yet another MCU cliff, waiting to see just how Agatha intends to motivate Wanda. Holding the Scarlet Witch's twin boys hostage while finally donning her truly wicked attire, fans will surely see just how strong Agatha is when the show's ninth installment debuts on Friday, March 5.

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