The Veil Hulu Show's Twist Ending Explained

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The Veil, Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter

Here's a breakdown of Hulu's The Veil's eventful ending, which featured plenty of death and surprise twists.

The story of the six-episode series, which is described as an international spy thriller, follows Elisabeth Moss' Imogen, a former MI6 agent who ends up needing to protect ISIS agent Adilah (played by Yumna Marwan) to save the Western world from a catastrophic terrorist attack. 

The Veil Plot Spoilers: Did Adilah Die?

Yumna Marwan as Adilah El Idrissi in The Veil

Before exploring Adilah's final fate, let's start where the finale begins, as Elisabeth Moss' Imogen rushes to stop ISIS' terrorist attack.

As the episode opens, Adilah and Imogen are stashed away in the back of the truck. Before long, they upgrade to the main cabin and drive the vehicle toward Canterbury.

Their progress is impeded as Imogen spots helicopters circling the area, looking for both of them.

After arriving in town, the two decide to split up as the American and French intelligence struggle to catch them, despite knowing they're both there.

Eventually, they convince a religious woman to drive them both to Michael Althorp's (played by James Purefory) manor. As one might expect, Imogen isn't too excited to be reuniting with her ex-lover and mentor, who had previously groomed her.

Sadly, seeking his help is the only way to obtain the forged documents and identities needed to reunite Adilah and her daughter, Yasmina.

Throughout their visit, audiences learn that Michael is the father of Imogen's late child. Another shocking discovery awaits Imogen as well: Michael, like her dead father, is working with the Russians.

Both have been tracking Imogen since she first met with Adilah in Episode 1. The evidence also reveals that the entire plot from Adilah and ISIS is a cover for the Russian FSB, who, unsurprisingly, are gunning for the United States.

After some intense conversations with Michael, Imogen eventually goes to confront him later that day under the ruse of sexual adventures in a red dress. Instead of a fun time in the sheets, Imogen pulls a knife to Michael's neck as he puts a gun to her head—she wants the name of the ship that ISIS is about to bomb.

Before any information is gained, French government agent Malik Amar fatally shoots Michael. 

As all that is going down, Adilah is attacked by Patrick, Michael's chauffeur. While she is saved by CIA agent Max Peterson, he is shot in the back by Patrick.

Adilah escapes and goes to reunite with Imogen. Her ending isn't a happy one. Prior to their escape, Patrick snipes Adilah from a distance through the car windshield, killing her instantly.

With Adilah dead, the reunion between her and her daughter is fated never to happen. Though, Yasmina can live a peaceful life in Canada. 

Thankfully for the Western world and Imogen, Adilah could write the ship's name in the fog on the windshield—which Imogen sees after avenging her late friend's death.

The Veil's Twist Ending Explained

Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter in The Veil

While the twist of Adilah dying at the last moment might be unexpected for many, what's more surprising is how the show ends.

Despite the story being billed as a miniseries, several threads are left in the ending for future seasons to pick up.

For one, Imogen discovers that her father is still alive despite believing him to be dead. After discovering a suspicious name (Sebastian Illyria) on some letters in Michael's belongings, Imogen heads to the address, where she sees someone leaving the property.

She lets herself inside to discover letters and pictures of her and her father, confirming that he was staying there. Despite the good news, it's paired with bad news: it seems like he was the master planner behind the entire ISIS and Russian FSB plot.

Additionally, in the show's final scene, Imogen accepts a new mission, which will bring her to Athens, Greece. She also gets a new name, though audiences don't get to hear it. 

Despite those dangling plot threads, not only is The Veil not renewed for a Season 2, but it was originally labeled as a Limited Series. Obviously, the format of Elisabeth Moss' Violet getting new missions on a seasonal basis is perfect for a continuous television series.

The Veil is currently streaming on Hulu.

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