The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Goes To School in Official Images From Season 2 Episode

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Baby Yoda, School

As always, The Mandalorian continues to impress. Last week saw Carl Weathers' directorial debut for the series with "Chapter 12 - The Siege," bringing Mando back to Nevarro for another adventure with Greef Karga and Cara Dune. What was intended to be a clean-up op on an old Imperial base turned into a series of shocking revelations, including an early hint at what Moff Gideon wants to do with the Child .

We're neck deep in plot development, and The Mandalorian Season 2 isn't showing any signs of slowing down. As we've now reached the midpoint of the season, there's no longer any footage available for what comes next... meaning we're going in blind. But the series has constantly given us much to appreciate, and before things ramp up with the arrival of a beloved hero , it's good to take the opportunity to look back at what came out of "Chapter 12."


The official Star Wars website has released several high-quality images from "Chapter 12 - The Siege":

School is just as boring in Star Wars as it is on Earth:

Mando, School
Via Star Wars

Baby Yoda has been issued a suspension for theft and eating in class:

Baby Yoda
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The Mythrol is feeling blue over Dr. Pershing's message:

Mythrol, Hologram
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Maybe this joyride can inspire a Razor Crest rollercoaster:

Mando, Baby Yoda, Flying
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He might be happy:

Moff Gideon
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One could argue that Baby Yoda is too old for school, being 50, yet he clearly hasn't been to school enough. Entering class on his first day and serving as a distraction to his fellow classmates was disturbing enough, but committing a misdemeanor robbery is reprehensible. Such atrocious misconduct should have been drilled out of the Child during his early days at the academy.

Dr. Pershing's cameo return wasn't exactly a surprise in that it happened, but it certainly was in the way that did. The heroic trio coming across an Imperial lab containing what looked to be an early attempt to create Snoke was unexpected, and the reveal to the characters that Moff Gideon is still alive created a great deal of tension.

Mando and Baby Yoda's joyride may be the most Star Wars sequence to come out of The Mandalorian up to this point, and the show has had many of them. Din Djarin saving his friends from the TIE Fighters felt just like Han Solo's last minute heroics in A New Hope , and the Child's pure glee struck right at the heart of the franchise.

Moff Gideon even shared some of that glee, in his own sinister way. There's no hint of amusement in the villain's smile, but it certainly indicates that our favorite duo might be screwed. Mando may have been able to save the day this time, but the Remnant will be coming back for the Child, and in greater numbers.

Carl Weathers has a lot to proud about with "Chapter 12." The episode hit a great tone that captured the mystery, danger, and adventure the story required while pushing the show towards an uncertain future. "The Siege" was a blast from start to finish, and things are about to get very interesting as we roll into Dave Filoni's coming entry.

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