The Curse Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Creator

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Nathan Felder and Emma Stone in The Curse

Benny Safdie provided an update on where things sit for the potential of his Showtime show The Curse moving into Season 2.

The Curse has proven itself to be exceptionally well-liked. The series stars Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone as they navigate filming a reality TV program and conceiving a child whilst also dealing with, as the title suggests, a mysterious curse.

Benny Safdie Hints at a Season 2 for The Curse

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In an interview with Variety, The Curse co-creator Benny Safdie, who also produced, wrote, and starred in the series, discussed the possibility of the hit series being renewed for another season. 

Safdie, optimistically, stated that "there are ideas" for a Season 2 of The Curse, bringing hope to fans about its potential continuation. However, no decisions have been made yet by Showtime or Paramount regarding its renewal:

"There’s a lot more fun to be had in this world. It’s not off the table. There are ideas, but it’s definitely too premature to put them out into the world."

How The Curse Set Itself up for a Second Season

The Curse aired its season finale on Friday, January 12, and by all accounts, it was bonkers.

In the final episode, which many described as "wild" and "surreal," the show’s central couple, Asher and Whitney were expecting the arrival of their baby. One morning, however, Whitney awoke to find her husband inexplicably sleeping on the ceiling, and things only got weirder from there.

One thing led to another and, as Whitney was in the hospital giving birth, Asher was clinging to a tree branch as he was pulled upwards toward the sky. Once the branch was severed, Asher continued to be flung upwards, higher and higher until he hit outer space.

An episode like this clearly raises more questions than it answers. So, there certainly seems to be a potential for a follow-up, one that could perhaps offer clues about Asher’s fate.

All 10 episodes of The Curse are now available to stream on Paramount+ with the Showtime add-on.

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